the Spanish series that is giving to talk on the Netflix platform: "Elite"

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Welcome to the most exclusive school in Spain. Where a group of young people will show who are the Elite people in the area, where poverty is a sin... Join me in this tour without a spoiler on the original netflix series "Elite".

The magic of cinema is always well used by experts. The creators of the Elite series used subjectivity to give us the illusion that a group of teenagers were the most detestable people in society. Elite raises the evil behind those who hold power. As money can corrupt children and their friends, unbalancing the entire environment to make it more in line with what these beings really want, regardless of the consequences to obtain it.

The argumentative modality of Elite is the same in the 2 seasons to date. We are presented with a future event of great repercussion in history and throughout 8 episodes we travel between the past and the present (present that ends up being the future) gradually discovering the details of why those extremes were reached. And it is in the middle of these temporary trips that we have the opportunity to get to know each characters.

Elite Characters Source

Speaking of the characters that are the central axis of all history and in this one they are not the exception, we have that all the adolescents that we see represented are interpreted by young people more adults of the age that each character really has. However, this only gives value to the content that we can see, since in Elite the sexual and drug addiction theme explodes as if it were adults, thus making the best subjective scenes that I have seen in a long time. If they consider it, they are basically selling us sex between minors. And that is undoubtedly the main attraction of this series. It does not bring any bludgeon with religious issues and much less with the issues of the diverse sex community, it also touches on issues such as murder, kidnapping, political corruption.

There is no doubt that netflix knows the trend issues and uses them in their favor. But beyond attributing success to just that, remember that the creators of Elite are the same as the Paper House and we already know what kind of series the paper house is. For this reason and for the topics of conversation generated in social networks about the series, I decided to give it a try, I finished the first season in 1 day. The marathon effect took hold of me.

Before you ask it, the third season is already confirmed. The interesting thing is that season 1 and 2 have managed to maintain connection without losing the essence. According to the creators this will remain for the next season. Hopefully the style presented and well managed so far will remain. Elite plays with morals and good customs, but there is no way my dear reader, that you do not feel identified with any of his characters. Either your personality or your darker desires. Enjoy this series that has 2 seasons with 8 chapters each, each episode lasts at least 54 minutes

I hope you liked my review, we will read in the next one.

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