3 movies you didn't know existed and you can watch at home

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The quarantine is not yet over, at least not in Venezuela. Although there are already countries that are beginning to make daily activities more flexible, we should not lose what we have learned so far. It is necessary that all the actors in this episode of humanity do our part. Don't forget to stay home, wash your hands and maintain social distance. Remember that doing these three things we can prevent. It will be a long time before all this ends, but sooner rather than later we will recover our normality.

To face the quarantine for the Covid-19 and not lose your sanity. I invite you to see these highly recommended movies.

Artemis Fowl


This movie could not be released in theaters due to the pandemic situation. Artemis Fowl is a Disney production, released on its platform Disney+ Based on the series of novels of the same name by Irish author Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl is a dazzling fantasy story that tells the story of Artemis, a 12 year-old genius. Artemis is the descendant of a lineage of crime masters who undertakes the search for his father, mysteriously disappeared. With the help of his loyal protector Butler, Artemis finds out and incidentally discovers an ancient underground civilization: the incredibly advanced world of fairies. The cunning Artemis deduces that his father's disappearance is somehow related to the secret and isolated world of fairies. So he devises a plan so dangerous, that in the end he finds himself immersed in a risky war of geniuses with the almighty fairies. I saw it as soon as I had the opportunity and although the criticism has been devastating, the movie does not stop entertaining you for a long time. Enjoy it with your family on a Sunday and you will not regret it

For the reasons that we all already know, it has not been possible to bring the most anticipated releases of this year to the cinemas. But in the seventh art, there are a huge number of films that you may not have seen yet. Surely you heard about them, but due to time you couldn't see.

Mr. Nobody


A man leads a normal life. One day, he jumps in time and as if by magic he becomes the oldest man in the world, in the year 2092. In a future where no one dies, he has become the only mortal. A very interesting plot, I did not want to see this movie because the name did not catch my attention, until I said to myself "give it a try" Here I am recommending this great film played by Jared Leto.
Tell you more would be Spoiler...



Seeing his wife fall under the influence of a drug dealer, a normal man decides to transform into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best of intentions, but without any special abilities ... There is not much to tell about the synopsis of this rare movie. Internet criticism has it with very low ratings on specialized pages, but these people are not always right. This is one of those movies of which you have no expectations, but that manages to captivate you once you start watching it. PS: watching this movie high is another level. trust me!