Netflix Movie Review : Bright

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The Second movie i want to tell you guys about is Bright. I am a huge fan of storys that this Movie is based in like the table top game Shadowrun. With that being said i did have some issues with this movie. The first being I hate Will Smith. He only plays the same charecter in every single movie I see him in, himself. I have yet to see him act or be an actor. The plot of the movie is as follows, In a modern day Los Angel in an alternate reality where magic exsists, The races of Orcs, Elves, and Humans all trying to live together. When two police officers are called to a disturbance and find an elf weilding a wand and a few dead bodies. after getting the elf into custody and calling for backup for the magic wand other police officers come but instead of helping they threaten to kill the two main characters and take the wand for there own desires. without spioling too much of the movie i will only give this one a 7 out of 10... points for good world building and backstory. minus points for Will Smith makeing comments about orks looking like "Shrek" and for just being Will Smith. Shame on Will Smith!!!! I will link anouther youtube video detailing gripes about this movie that this perticular Youtuber listed better then i could, but first the trailer.

And now for the reasons this movie was bad.

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I thought this was an alright movie. True you can't stop Will Smith from being Will Smith but you can put an Orc next to him.


Will Smith is just a bad actor and i think he never plays anything different then the token black guy.

I really enjoyed the fantasy universe tropes twisted a little to fit in the modern day setting. I'm hoping for a sequel.

“Bright” is the best Netflix original movie to date, and it absolutely deserves to be seen on the big screen, though don’t let that stop you from watching it home, as “End of Watch” director David Ayer’s welcome return to the cop-movie genre — following a disastrous wrong turn into “Suicide Squad” territory, of which we will say no more — fills an intense, grown-up movie niche that Hollywood once did so well, but has since replaced with formula-driven product.

Bright is a great movie. Thanks for sharing. i like your post and following,

i have not watched this even..i should watch this too..i think i watch more Bollywood than Hollywood :)