Thriller Review: The Invitation (2015), directed by Karyn Kusama

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Hi steemians. After a little break I am here to continue my activity. Enjoy my last review.

I find increasingly rare to see a thriller. There are many reasons why this genre does not find much place on my list of films, which I was very fond of at a certain moment.
On the one hand, the amount of movies that are pouring in the market lately is impressive and it is increasingly complicated to choose those that really deserve to be watched. On the other hand, the quality of the thriller as a cinematic genre has become questionable in the last decade, especially under the pressure of many identical narratives that are always heading for the same predictable climax. It is incredible how much they have come to resemble the movies, especially in a genre that was so original and inventive at one time.


In the last time I feel a wind of change in the world of this cinematic genre, especially through some independent productions loaded with new ideas. That's why I turned my attention back to a thriller, in this case: The Invitation.

The film intelligently builds a narrative tense, enhanced by exploring the past of the main character puzzling between suspicion and madness. The character is Will, who returns to his ex-wife's house after an absence, at her invitation and her new husband. Beign arrived here, Will finds himself in the middle of a strange party with many old friends and more or less known girls.

The tension is palpable and grows as Will begins to understand that something is wrong and that the ex-wife and her mate are plotting something sinister. These are the moments when the main character begins to question his own mental health while trying to manage the memories that link him to the house he has just returned.

The entire mechanism of the movie works surprisingly well and is precisely balanced, balancing the study of the character with the fear of the unknown and the tension of the moments. The film is slowly and surely heading for a violent climax that the viewer will intuit, but he will still look forward to it.

What truly surprises and brings the film to light is its social relevance and subtext message. The Invitation takes a look behind the anxieties of modern society and the way people manage them. The conclusion to which the film arrives is not a new one and we learn again that from humanity to bestiality it is only one step. However, the entire gear is so well managed that, in the end, the viewer feels fully satisfied.

The characters work well together and their chemistry makes the whole premise of the credible movie. We do not have sensational actor performances, but everyone gets into a good role and contributes to a thrilling atmosphere.

There are not many questions that remain unanswered once the generic of the movie begins to run. As I said above, production is well connected and the conclusion is satisfactory. The viewer is free to draw his own conclusions and the movie does not try to make any lessons on you. It's a quality thriller that does not waste your time and leaves you with hope for this kind of cinema.