the double language review is super cool, i haven't watched this movie yet but quite interested to

it's really cool, I hope I can watch it, thank you for sharing, hope you have fun

yeah, i am a Marvel Universe lover and i enjoyed it much! i recommened the movie to you, watch it ;)

thank you for sharing i like to get to know you

Ich persönlich mochte den Film leider nicht so gerne. Für mich war die Story zu stark durcheinander und hatte keinen wirklichen roten Faden. Immer, wenn ich dachte, dass eine Geschichte anfängt, merkte man, dass es nur eine Teilgeschichte war und eine neue Teilgeschichte startete

Ja so ist das im Marvel Cinematic Universe mittlerweile @sonius94, alles hängt miteinander zusammen und jeder Karakter hat eine Teilgeschichte, die immer weiter erzählt wird und somit jeder Film neben seinem Hauptkarakter auch mehrere kleine Geschichten erzählt...
Aber ich persönlich fand, dass man die Hauptgeschichte um den Black Panther und Wakanda eher sehr einfach gehalten hat. :)

Was expecting to see your verdict. On a scale of 10 what number would you assign to it?

Some might argue that the movie, nevertheless it's such a great movie. Can't wait for sequels.

It is an amazing movie, watched it last week. The acting and graphics are top notch, the storyline too. T'chala relationship with his sister Shauri is an important highlight of the movie, provides comic relief too.
As an African I tired not to be nostalgic about the movie, after the movie I considered it just entertainment as that is just what it is.
Great movie. 95/100.

It is a great movie and we will see in further Marvel movies Wakanda more often. The next time will be in Avengers: Inffinity War and after that Wakanda could become the new headquarter of the Avengers, as in one version of the comcis it is :)

Can't wait for sequels

WOW! Gerade das erste mal den trailer geschaut. sieht vielversprechend aus. da muss ich wohl auch mal wieder ins kino!

wenn, dann gib ihn dir im original mit 3d ;))

mit Original meinst du auf englisch oder eben 3D, oder beides? 😁

I have seen the movie and drew some analysis in comparism with a certain country in Africa some weeks back. Very interesting movie

the background of this film, so the story and the connections that you can draw I noticed too @yungchief!

Killmonger was my favorite part of this movie. I thought he was a great villain. I bet he's not dead. Noone is ever dead forever in the Marvel Universe. I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

That may be good possible, because T'challa said at the end of their fight in front of the sunset, that one could heal Killmonger, maybe they did it and we will see him again in one of the upcoming Avengers Movies :))

Hi @oendertuerk, It's good post on entertainment! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Interesting movie. ya all need to view black panther