MCU - Rumors to the upcoming Movies in Phase 4 - Part 3

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Recently, Marvel and Disney, respectively, have the rights to the X-Men and also to the Fantastic Four stuff back, although the original licenses are actually still with Constantin Film. Experts and fans now wish that both hero groups are somehow integrated into the MCU. Kevin Feige said very early on that he and his team had planned so long in advance, without even getting the licences. But that was before Disney took over FOX. Meanwhile the deal is through, many franchises are now with Disney and thus the whole story becomes a bit more flexible. Kevin Feige made a statement after the deal that the new heroes should not be expected before 2023. This means that Phase 4 is already completely planned and after its completion, i.e. with the start of Phase 5 we could expect the Fantastic Four and maybe a bit further in the future the X-Men.

Disney has announced 8 Marvel movies until the end of 2022 and from 7 of these movies we know they will come. There are rumors that the eighth film will be the Fantastic Four film. I don't think it will come that way, not before the next Phase. However, I can imagine very well that similar to Nova and other heroes, here we will see hints of the Fantastic Four that they exist or that we could see cameos from them, maybe even in a new Avengers film, where it's not yet clear if it really will be an Avengers 5 or even a New Avengers or Young Avengers or maybe even a Dark Avengers? But Fantastic Four is quite likely to be introduced before the X-Men because their powers are naturally explainable by an accident, not in contrast to the mutation like the X-Men.

A The Eternals film is in production just like the Black Widow and the fact that we are going to see Thanos again is a rumor that confuses many people, especially those who don't know the comics. Well, Thanos is a Titan and also an Eternal and thousands of years old. The history of the Eternals will drag on for thousands of years and it is very likely that we will see a young Thanos who will continue to be a part of the MCU. How it could look like, I can personally imagine, but that would only take the fun out of you when i begin to talk about that and I don't want that.

But what you can look forward to is that Angelina Jolie has a leading role in the movie and we'll also see Richard Madden, whom we know from Game of Thrones and there's a rumor that Keanu Reeves will join the boat as well. I think the rumor with Keanu Reeves is very likely, because due to time constraints he canceled a role in the MCU film of Captain Marvel, but he sayed that he emphasized with the franchise.

Will the takeover of Fox by Disney also lead to a Deadpool film in the MCU? Many fans want it, and if I'm honest, I want it too. But that will be very unlikely, because Deadpool has is R-rated movie and the MCU is more of a family-friendly program. Both don't fit together but Deadpool has always been a part of Marvel and in the comics he joined often the different groups of heros. Kevin Feige said that Deadpool won't be finished and there will probably be a third part and that this will continue with the brand FOX. This also suggests that we could get marvel movies that are not family friendly presented through the brand FOX in the future.

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One of the things I read about is that moving forward, the MCU will no longer be telling stories chronologically. I think it was the Russo brothers who said it in an interview. So, there could be more stories from the past, which could explain the Black Widow movie and Thanos turning up in The Eternals. Of course, since the Russo Brothers are no longer making MCU movies, at least for now, I'm not sure how reliable they could be about Phase 4.

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