Marvel's Problem with the Rights to the Superheros #3

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The rights to Spider-Man are also not held by marvel. Tom Hollands version of the Spider-Man may be at home in the MCU since Civil War but Sony is the production and distribution owner, that means Sony is responsible to decide what happens with Spider-Man and Marvel Studios has to accept that.

That's why Venom's solo film is only half MCU represented. So far it is not quite clear if this version is really located in the MCU. Actually they wanted to separate the whole thing, because the Marvel Studios didn't want to allow this interpretation of Venom.

However, it has to be renegotiated that Tom Hollands version as Spider-Man will stay in the MCU and Sony might want Venom to be part of the MCU.

Beside Spider-Man, Sony of course also has the rights to Morbius, next year there will be a film with Jared Leto, and for example they have the rights to Black Cat, they also have the rights to Miles Morales Spider-Man version and of course they are also responsible for the whole animated series and Videogames. That means that all the characters that originated in the Spider-Man comics belong to Sony.

It can be that one character was also very strong in one or more other Marvel comics at home and therefore Marvel Studios is allowed to use them, but on the big known backups, the rights are at Sony and only as long as Sony is up to it, Marvel Studios is allowed to use them.

And it goes on and on and we jump to another studio, Universal. They also have rights, distribution rights. They don't have the production rights but the distribution rights from Hulk. Didn't you ask yourselves why there was still no Hulk solo film in the MCU?

Marvel is not allowed to release such a film and of course they don't want to give Universal any money and that's why Hulk hasn't had a solo film since 2008. The 2008 solo film with Edward Norton half officially belongs to the MCU but afterwards they decided to continue working without Universal.

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Yeah it’s all a bit of a mess.

Which is a pity — because Marvel Comics’ strength was that there always appeared to be a unified editorial vision amongst the titles that allowed a consistency to storyline’s, even when X-Men characters crossed-over with Avengers characters and so on.

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As a film (-series) this is always a bit difficult to realize, but nevertheless the Marvel Studios are still doing a good job and I'm curious what they will present us in the future.

Aparte de lo que comentas igualmente es decepcionante ver que personajes como Peter Parker, a mi parecer es una mera adaptación del comic en película con el fin de atraer un publico infantil, por lo tanto me parece que les hace falta mayor creatividad ´para hacer una adaptación que sea fiel al contenido del comic o que también no solo sea un enlatado para cumplir con el negocio mediático de Disney para ganar dinero. Pero los seguidores fieles y serios de los comics saben que esas tonterías no pasan de ser peliculas enlatadas y no clásicos.

Por cierto en Capitana Marvel observe que el papel de la protagonista es muy simple y a miso tiempo altanera, o chocante, donde se ponen a relucir los alienígenas cambia formas y abducciones, pero con una historia aburrida y con falta de creatividad.

Es una maquinaria y en primer plano hay, por supuesto, dinero y un público joven tiene que volver a conectarse con los héroes. Así es como funcionan los negocios.

Disney también producirá muy pronto las películas y series Alien de Ridley Scott para volver a grabar el dinero que Disney pagó por la compra de Fox (71 mil millones de dólares). Quizás dentro de 5 - 10 años veamos una tercera película de Blade Runner de Disney.

Pero también la franquicia Predator seguirá funcionando con Diseny y vendrán nuevas películas e incluso series.

Por supuesto que Disney no lo publicará bajo su propia marca porque no son marcas familiares, pero ahora tienen Fox y Hulu.

El Capitán Maravilla es uno de los peores Maravillas para mí.

Usé un traductor, lo siento si hay errores en el texto.

That is why hulk was so angry but he has became normal so I think A hulk movie will be coming in phase 4

That is why hulk was so angry

made my day :)))

I don't think that we will see a Hulk solo film in the near future but maybe i am wrong and things will change and we will see him in his own movie, i don't know.

why not come up with new superheroes, or have marvel lost there imagination and creativity.

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