Perfect Sisters 2014 Movie Review 🎥

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🎬 This was a calmly diabolical movie showing the irresponsibility of two teenagers and how the law protects minors.

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This movie was directed by Stanley M. Brooks who has made several movies based on true stories. This one was as well based on a true story.

Beth and Sandra are two teenagers who are tired of their mother's alcoholism, irresponsibility and series of abusive boyfriends. So, they make up a plan to get rid of her and get the insurance money, but as always things do not go according to plan and they mess up and mess up big time. This is a learning process for them. To know each other separate from their mother. To know how to actually be responsible and understand that each action has a consequence.

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This movie also showed that we look up too much to our parents and forget that they are human beings who make big mistakes and sometimes we have to look our own and not rely on the pattern that we see our parents follow. The girls judge their mother too harshly to the point that they decide they should kill her to have a better life. A selfish and cold act on the part of two girls who seem to know about human bond and shared emotion as this is portrayed in their inseparable connection they share with each other. However, their mother seems to live outside of this world. She sounds like she is only there to be killed by them. A fake smile that hides her pain and inadequacies, her shame to not being able to take control of her life and taking shelter under the umbrella of the abusive boyfriend, only to fall harder almost purposely. Their mother's sense of self destructive behavior affects the daughters as well and they learn to go towards that road. Two dreamy girls who want the best for themselves end up in prison. they have to have a legacy of their mother and they get it. They are inspired by a mother who has lost all sense of self and respect and consider her basically dead. Though the movie shows her as kind and loving but a disaster in taking responsibility. The girls haven't understand that and their mother does not seem to understand it either. they kill her so that they learn how to be responsible. lesson learned. Sandra, the one who actually murders their mother, becomes a law student.

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The pace of the movie was slow. I wasn't particularly intrigued by the dialogues. They were below average and shallow and somewhat cliche. The acting was Ok. I paused the movie several times and skipped a couple of minutes here and there to finish watching it. I was a bit bored. It wasn't a good movie, but it was informative both for adults and teenagers. the subject matter was good but how they implemented it was average. Some parts were unnecessary and made the movie bad. It is apparent that they wanted it to be good, complex and meaningful but they failed. It was a nice movie to pass the time if you have some time to waste and interested in watching two teenagers planning to kill their mother in cold blood and then get caught and understand that it was a stupid idea. There was no complexity to this movie whatsoever and I was disappointed in that regard.

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🍿 Will you cringe during the movie because of all the messy acting and poor cinematography ? Yes
🍿 Is this still worth watching? Yes, only if you are interested in the subject.
🍿 Will you feel you did actually waste your time after watching it? Yes

Overall, I give it a four star: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you ever watched this movie let me know what you think in the comment section.

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