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Spoiler Alert!

I share my perspectives on the Marvel movie Black Panther. There are lot of spoilers in this post, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!


I found it really cool how considerate and aware Nakia was about the world around her, and that her country Wakanda (a land secretly living on Uganda) should assist and support Uganda with the technology and resources her country has. She was a woman who stood up for what she saw was needed, and good. She knew Uganda is a poor country and that Wakanda could do something about it. This scene made me look at people in my life, and appreciate those who saw a need in this world, and did something about it, too.


How awesome was it to have Shiru be the tech-savvy lady in the movie? I loved how she was in the forefront of technology and science. Having her in this role showed me how gender roles and ideas on careers are being broken in society. Plus, it looks like women are standing more equal to men in movies these days - being more honored and regarded for their skills and strengths.


Erik had a valid point when he stood in front of the council after arriving to Wakanda, and asked what has Wakanda done to the 2 billion suffering people all these years? As much as Erik was a troubled man, he had a valid point, and it was super brave of him to share the truth to those in power. His anger towards the elite was in a way justified, because he's been through a lot and seen a lot. He knows what it's like growing up poor with no parents - he's lived on the opposite side of the life spectrum compared to his cousin (and enemy) Black Panther's T'Chala.

Family & Tradition Challenged

How could Okoya, W'Kabi and the Elders allow Erik to become King of Wakanda? Because of family tradition. It did not matter if the person was evil or mentally unstable, if he was son of a royal lineage he could become king. I saw it as - the people who accepted Erik as king were too scared to break the tradition because of ideas of being cursed or getting punishment / revenge from the ancestors. But if we weigh the consequences and look at our choices in discernment we should always choose things that are in consideration of everyone and the future. We can though, take the best of family tradition and fit it with the modern times.


When it was revealed to T'Chala his father left Erik alone to fend for himself as a boy, T'Chala made sure he addressed this when he saw his father again during a visit to the after-life. He challenged his father in the after-life, asking him the hard questions because T'Chala saw the responsibility his father had towards Erik's well-being and ''evilness.'' I found it quite cool how T'Chala stood up to his father in the after-life, seeking truth and not allowing himself to move onto the other side because there was still too much to do in reality. T'Chala saw there was ''hope'' and potential for Erik to be better.

Even though in the end, Erik was full of hate and wanted to kill T'Chala, T'Chala weakened him but wanted to give Erik a chance to heal. He knew a large part of why Erik was the way he was because of his father and upbringing. T'Chala gave Erik a choice at his weakest most vulnerable point to live, but Erik saw it was better for him to go / die than remain in the turmoil and be haunted by his past.


Overall I really enjoyed watching Black Panther and extracting key points to look at and discuss in this Steemit blog! If you have any feedback or comments on this post, please comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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I did not read the blog because I want to watch the movie! I'll get back to it once I do. And maybe I'll do an article as well! So you gave me a cool idea of writing a steemit post on it and remainded myself to watch the movie. Thanks, I'll be back.


Awesome Ruben! Yes, I got inspired from @garbrielle 's Black Panther review and decided I'll do movie and TV shows when I can! Looking forward to hearing what you think of the movie!