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Went to see the latest Star Wars movie and its a good movie but if you grew up with Star Wars it made me feel a bit sad to see all the original actors so old.

I know time is a bitch and we all get old but Luke Skywalker just looked so old, it just made me feel sad.

In the original he was so young, too young, and now they all are gone, and I am not so sure if I like all the new ones.



I liked the entire movie but I do have to agree with you. Seeing them so old now really throws you off. Yes, especially Luke Skywalker being as old as he is now.

It was a pretty good film. It is very different seeing everyone age, even in a lot of other movies when you remember 20 years ago many of them being a lot younger. It is neat they were able to incorporate some of the original actors/actresses because that doesn't always happen for movie series.

It was a good film, nice to see some familiar faces!

LOL. That was honest and I thought it too and tried to convince myself that he now has the "rugged" look!

I enjoyed this tremendously .. but there was that weird scene when he got milk from that creature ?

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