SPOTTED #65: Transformers Crew???

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Transformers Crew

While walking around at the Potsdamerplatz (waiting for a movie) I SPOTTED this CREW of Transformers. I haven't seen the movie yet so I don't know if these guys are just the Voice of the German speakers or the actors of the movie. The cars were pretty cool, they just didn't transform into a robot ;(


2017-06-18 17.30.13

2017-06-18 17.30.46

2017-06-18 17.30.50

2017-06-18 17.31.00

2017-06-18 17.31.11

2017-06-18 17.31.22

2017-06-18 17.31.29

I will go to check out the movie this week and I might than see the guys I SPOTTED. Have you seen the new Transformers movie, please don't tell me if it's good or not ;) My friend invited me and I have to see that movie anyways...

Do you like the Transformers Movies ???

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Yay... bumble bee. I have to dig out my Universal Studios pictures now.

funny if you travel a lot , you spot a lot ;)

That's true.

@knozaki2015: Wow, awesome moments. Lucky you and happy for you man.

Wow, exciting! I would love to be there. Thanks for sharing.

I like transfomers movie

Very cool. I hope they are the actual guys in the movie, because that would be pretty awesome. :D

I've seen the preview for the newest Transformers movie but haven't had the chance to see it yet. I think it will be pretty good though. :D

Nice vehicles, great pictures and post. :D

Man, wish I was there. I love transformers but more importantly bumble bee is a beast

I loved the first few movies when I was younger. Just learned from your post there is a new one up.

Excellent post, I liked it a lot. Please take a look at mine.
I hope you like it.
upvote pliss ;)

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!

hope you also get chance to come to the screen :)

Priceless moments... Thanks for sharing

Yes i really like the transformers movies i follow this saga since tranformers were animals

Not a fan of the movie but nice find!

Thanks for sharing the photos, lady luck was with u :)

I like that you always have a question at the end of the post! :)

wow i've been a fan of transformer before when i was young watching it with my siblings :D Transformer been transformed now to a more advance technology, glad you spotted it there @knozaki2015. So cool!

Hey it's bumblebee :d

I love these movies! I'm so jealous!