GOTG Volume 2. The worst movie.

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HELLO everybody, im back, it´s been a long time and today i want to talk to you about the worst movie of all time, it´s guardians of the galaxy volume 2.



The jokes in this movies are basically the next: the raccoon says something and everybody and something apathetic and careless, then someone asks about it, and another one gives an opinion, everybody start a "chatter confusion" and that´s all there is no joke in what they say, or reference to something that is build around the whole movie, NO sir they just chatter about completely mundane things, and that´s suppose to be funny. I actually remember this kind of joke in the first movie and i thought it was really funny at that time because it was just one of this kind and the rest of the movie was no trying to make a laugh every dialogue. But this sequel abuses a lot. In general they just make no sense and are like "this should be funny, we´ll do this joke no matter the full context of the movie has nothing to see with comedy" i mean this is a fucking sci-fi.


1. two grown adults that obviously feel attracted to each other hide their feelings for no reason.

Of course we talk about chris pratt and the girl. It´s not only that is obvious but that it was told to us that Chris Pratt is like an interstellar womanizer, so when did he change that?. Also the movie wants to sell us a teen drama between gamora and him wich obviously makes no sense.

2. Everybody is stupid.

Really on this movie everybody seem to have no common sense, it was actually funnier with drax, because his race are educated on a way that he has no sense of humor and social behavior, because he keeps learning. But the other guys have no reasons to be idiots, but they are. There is a dialogue when rocket says something like "is being a rat good or bad?". HOW wouldn't he understand that? and if you say that´s maybe because he has no contact with earth animals, then WHYY would starlord use that reference??? it´s supposed he hasn´t visit earth in more than 20 years or something.

3. Why no one has contact with earth?

in star trek it´s suppose they can´t make contact with less advanced civilizations in order to don´t interfere with their own develop, but here we have no explanation.

4. WHY in hell did the bad guys choose gamoras sister to be the leader ?????!!!

There was no fucking reason to do that.


At the end of the movie someone gives an mp3 to starlord (and according to marvel Disney that should be funny) . he surprises that it has storage for 100 songs or something. HOOOOOOOOOWWW???? he lives in a civilization that has control over FUCKING wormholes. im sure they already discovered digital music.

I dont like in general how infantilized (AND SHITTY) the marvel movies have become, i really liked the first one of this and recently i saw it, of course i was disappointed. tell me what you think. do you like how the marvel movies have become?. If you liked this post give me an upvote and follow me for more contet like this. tell me if you like this reviews in order for me to know if i keep doing them. thank you and see you. :)

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