A Star Is Born - Movie Review

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It is a film starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and directed by the same Bradley Cooper, this is a musical drama about a consecrated star of the country music whose career is in a tailspin for his addictions and suddenly one night he meets someone in a transvestite bar and is a singer-songwriter, before telling the story I tell you that this was a movie that Clint Eastwood had in mind many years ago and had in mind in the project to beyonce, we are talking about the year 2012several things happened where beyonce gets off the project and clint easwood too and that's when studio Warner decides to give the film to Bradley Cooper his first film, this is a musical drama where the relationship of a person who starts his career to stardom and discovers how it is mixed with another one that basically goes out, the performances here are incredible and I think that's the most important thing and what this movie really does ula very good that is the chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and that is another difference of most films of this style that we almost never see how the actions of the characters reverberate in the outside world but we are always focused on them and in that aspect I really liked the tone that Bradley Cooper gave him as director, the concert scenes are very real, not to say they are real, for example, there are scenes of important festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury, I have nothing more than to say that we have not heard about the soundtrack in this movie is amazing super well done and that surely will have an impact on the oscar awards, another thing that I liked the movie is to see comedians in serious roles such as Dave Chappelle has a part in the movie he´s super cool

I think Lady Gaga's career is exceptional, for a long time she was making a lot of noise and being outlandish and capable at that stage she became a bit saturated, but I have never doubted her vocal and compositional ability, she is a star absolute, in fact I think it is one of the best performances of a singer in his step into the world of acting. There are some scenes that did seem a bit hasty things that I understood they did as very fast, like the relationship with his manager or the problems that had the character of Bradley Cooper called Jackson with his brother that happened and they did not give you much explanation.

Now I ask you what was the best performance of a famous singer in the cinema that you have seen? I think Lady Gaga stood out a lot, this one is of the best movies of the season and I blindly recommend that they go to wacth it.


I didn't know they had originally talked about having Clint Eastwood and Beyonce working on it. Who knew? Glad you liked it.

How much does it cost to watch a movie down there?

after you see the movie, you tell me what you think.

so that you have an idea of the prices, an entrance to the cinema equals 3.3 steem
the popcorn and sweets are more expensive a combo of popcorn, 2 pepsi and a chocolate equivalent to 4.2 steem, usually people go to the movies on Monday because there is 50% off, and most people do not buy popcorn only the tickets

I don't watch many movies, so I doubt I will see it, at least in theaters. Maybe if it comes to Netflix.

That's not very expensive for us in the USA. How many hours of work is that for most people down there? Have the prices increased with the inflation?

I would like to have netflix
the inflation continues to increase, a few months ago with 1 steem/sbd we bought many things, now we must gather many more to be able to do something, we practically have inflation in dollars something that had not happened

Netflix is nice. You don't have access to everything, but you just pay the one fee, and then that's it. No more fees to access the content for the month.

That's scary you're starting to see inflation in dollars. I wonder if that's because people had some savings in dollars and now that people are spending their savings, the prices in dollars are going up... because there are so many of them around. That's what I'm expecting will happen in the US eventually.

many people have left the country and send remittances in dollars to their families so they can live here and that has also become a business, There are, how do I explain? a black dollar of the black dollar, hyperinflation does not stop here, the government wants us poor in dollars, euros, steem

That makes sense. If people are trying to get dollars in, I can imagine there are people who will make that happen... for a fee.

If you happen to discover how much an ounce of silver costs, I would love to know!

maybe 8 mile? haha 😆

yep, emimem had good on screen chemistry with pretty much all the characters, I'd definitely say this is a movie worth seeing.

Looks good. I'll have to check it out.

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no doubt I recommend you that movie