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The noblest art is that of making others happy.
PT Burnam

The movie, The Greatest Showman is taking its toll on the internet. Eversince it was aired in the Philippine cinema, it pretty much became the talk of the town. Most of the feedbacks were positive and enticing. It piqued my interest and curiosity, that is why I decided to watch it today.

The Cast

  • Hugh Jackman - P.T Barnum
  • Zac Efron - Philip
  • Zendaya - Anne Wheeler
  • Michelle Williams - Charity Barnum
  • Rebecca Ferguson - Jenny Lind

The Plot

Based on a true story. The movie depicts about how P.T Burnam recreates his wildest imaginations into a spectacular reality. It shows his struggles in achieving his dream to build an empire and produce an entertainment that became widely known in the world. It was brought to life through musical choreography.

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The Moral Lessons

There are many lessons that one can learn in the movie. It is not only entertaining but also highly educational and motivational.

  • Dream Big

If your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough

The movie teaches us to reach our dreams no matter how big they are. It also shows that nothing is impossible if a person aims for his goals . Poverty is never a hindrance to success. P.T Burnam was a son of a tailor yet with his passion and determination he was able to make a name for himself out of nothing. It takes courage, tenacity and perseverance for a person to make his dreams into reality.

  • Loyalty

In the movie, there was an episode where P.T Burnam bailed out on his original crew and went for someone who can give him more popularity and money and ending up in scandalous article. On the contrary however, P.T Burnam remained loyal to her wife despite the fact that another woman was blatantly showing her affection to him.

Sometimes we are driven by the material things that we forget the more important things in life. We choose fame, wealth and other people from people who actually care for us. Our loyalty to a certain person shouldn't be shaken by any external factors that can possibly ruin our relationship. Loyalty is rare but it is precious. If we could stay loyal to one another then the world would be less chaotic.

  • Humility

Always keep your feet on the ground. Even if you are the most successful, richest and famous person in the world, never think you are above anyone else.

The movie overall was jaw dropping and absolutely brilliant from production to storyline. It's like watching a live theater show in a screen, they brought the whole thing to life and entirely different level. The actors portrayed their respective roles very well, most especially Hugh Jackman who portrayed the main character. Everytime they perform,I can feel my hair rising in all parts of my body and a shiver ran into my spine. It was a roller coaster of emotion, it can make you laugh, cry and awed at the same time. Definitely a movie worth watching.

If you have watched the movie then tell me how you feel, and if you haven't then I highly recommend for you to watch it. :) xoxo jeizelle :*

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