Horror Movie Review: The Last House On The Left(2009)

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The Last House on the Left is about family on vacation by their lakeside home. When they arrive at the house, their daughter Mari (Sara Paxton) asks to sleep in the guest house instead of the main house and and decides to drives into town with her parents car to meet up with her friend Paige (Martha MacIsaac). Mari and Paige hang out with a strange guy named Justin and went to his motel room. They are interrupted by Justin's estranged and criminal family(Krug, Saddie, Francis). They decided to beat the girls and rape Mari and leave her for dead out by the lake. The three murderers soon find Mari's parents house, not knowing thats where Mari and her parents staying. Mari's mother(Emma) and father(John) welcome the murderers and thought they got into accidents. However Mari survives and swims back home and her parents discover that her murderers are their guests. They lost their car and no way out. All they can do is to fight back. From there on in Mari's parents exact bloody revenge on Krug and his family of thugs.

The Last House on the Left is definitely a movie that you can't wait to see justice brought to these sleazebags, they were so disgusting. The thing that made this movie dreadful is how realistic it was. This is probably one of the best horror remakes I have ever seen. The acting is great and memorable, and the script is pretty good which is a huge surprise for a horror movie. The villains are also well acted, especially by Garrett Dillahunt and Aaron Paul. Sara Paxton and Martha McIsaac are also very good. However, the cast that absolutely makes the film worth watching are Tony Goldwyn(John) and Monica Potter(Emma) They both give unforgettable performances that only make the movie more memorable.

Overall, I think this is one of the best remakes I have seen in many years and give it 10/10stars. I had a lot to live up to and it succeeded when so many other films have failed. I don't recommend this for young viewers though. Although I'm young myself, I still think it should only be scene by older viewers.


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The original Last House on the Left from 1972 is one of the most eerie, filthy, disgusting movies I've ever seen. It was the first torture porn movies to get a mainstream release in my opinion.

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Ayoko nanonood ng horror napapanaginipan ko eh 😂