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One of my favourite movies of all time is the Jack Nicholson Classic "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest", a brilliant and shocking inditement of mental health care within the mainstream system that is still relevant today.

This is an interesting video that breaks down the meaning, alongside a little humour too, if you love the movie or haven't ever seen it I would recommend giving it a watch, its still such a strong movie, it still stands up.

Also, please give my last post below a read and an upvote if you can, it is on the subject of mental health equality, from my own experiences, comments are appreciated as it is an important issue that is debated.

Thanks! George :-)


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It is great :-D you should watch it again and again and again and again :-D

It's true and what's scary is that the mental health field hasn't changed or 'progressed' much since this film. It is very dehumanizing and 'professionals' like Nurse Rachitt continue to thrive. When I worked in the mental health field, I saw her type and it was very unsettling. I think psychiatry attracts sadistic, controlling people to that profession. Jack Nicholson is a wonderful actor. Thanks for the post!

Thanks for the comment, is a great movie :-)

I agree the psychiatric profession is at best backwards and regressive and at its worst cruel and uncaring, certainly any experiences I have had of mainstream medicine dealing with mental health issues has been horrific. Generally they have textbook things that they follow to deal with everyone, they do not recognise the individual and they paint everyone across the board with the same treatments irrespective of if it helps or if it does severe damage, the worst aspect of this too is non conformity from a patients point of view to them is the person not engaging to trying hard enough, although the electro shock therapy may be a lot less these days, overall psychiatric ideas towards care is still stuck in the dark ages, maybe once they start treating people as individuals there will be a change.
That is interesting you worked in that field, in what capacity? Did you find you were able to help people?

Occupational therapy. Yes, I felt that I helped adults and children with developmental disabilities, mental health and otherwise through engaging in meaningful activities and treating them individually and holistically. You may be interested in reading my article on my blog about what occupational therapy is. :)

I Just had a read of it there, that is really interesting, I left a comment and upvote too :-)

I would be interested to know your views on this -

Okay, I'll take a look and get back to you! :)

Thanks :-) I am generally always writing posts about mental health :-)

(different views on the subject of mental health are always welcome) on any subject actually!!