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Greetings friends of Steemit, welcome to my blog where you can find varied content, this time we talk about cinema and specifically Spanish cinema, I saw a movie a long time ago that I was quite impressed by the development of its plot and history, in my opinion it is a reference of the seventh Spanish art. The production is called "While you sleep", dates from 2011 and producer Balagueró.


In the suspense genre, the story is played by Cesar (Luis Tosar), a psychopath who hidden behind his job as a doorman in a residential building, investigates and monitors all the owners until they know details of their lives. He is a somber, lonely and quiet man who hates the happiness of others (there are such people really).


This is how Clara (Marta Etura) lives, living alone in her apartment, she is the most smiling of the building, becoming the goal of Cesar. When she is not there, he enters his house to damage objects and then offers to repair them, earns his trust to help her in everything.


With the duplicate key he manages to enter Clara's apartment every night to drug her and sexually abuse her. As the days go by, she looks emaciated and ill without an eloquent reason, which increases Cesar's morbid satisfaction.

As the story progresses continue the misfortunes in the life of the girl, all forged by their secret victimizer to destroy it completely, if you are a woman who lives alone I do not suggest you see this movie because it could take away your sleep at night. It has sexually explicit scenes, which is why it is aimed at audiences over 16 years old, actor Luis Tosar was nominated for the Goya 2012 edition for his leading role in this film.

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Disturbing yet good movie!
And title should be "sleep tight" i guess.

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