Ghost in the Shell and Watchmen - How the change of ending changed the meaning - Spoiler alert

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Ghost in the Shell and Watchmen - How the change of ending changed the meaning - Spoiler alert

Ok, let's make a long story short. Don't read this if you haven't read or watched Ghost in the Shell or Watchmen yet because I will discuss the endings.

To start with Watchmen the graphic novel is an absolute masterpiece of storytelling. The original anime movie Ghost in The Shell is also awesome.

Unfortunately, when the dirty creeps in Hollywood laid their hands on the aforementioned masterpieces they decided to destroy them and to completely change the meaning of the story by changing the ending.

The original Watchmen and original Ghost in the Shell are both very anti nationalism. This Hollywood cannot accept. In the original Watchmen it turns out that the blue guy, Dr. Manhattan is actually the evil guy and he creates terrors like dropping a monster on Manhattan in order to control the people.

However, in Watchmen the movie the evil nationalists changed the ending and made another guy the baddie. But that completely changes the point of the movie, from being anti nationalism to being nothing at all.

In Ghost in the Shell, the original anime movie, the protagonist start off as a nationalist employee (working for the government). But then she realizes that the government is causing a lot of trouble. In the end she mind merges with the other robot which she has previously tried to kill. Bakou then helps her to get a new body in which both the main protagonist and the robot can live. Then she starts a whole new life.

But Hollywood completely changed the ending here too. There is no mind merge and in the end the protagonist just keeps working for the government as usual.

Now I just want to say duck the nationalists in Hollywood, who keep changing the ending of great stories to suit their own nationalist and nefarious purposes.

Read the originals, think about the real meaning.

Also, forget about fiat currencies and embrace the future of blockchain. We are all artificial intelligence.


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