A selection of horror movies for Halloween

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Hi there! As promised, I've prepared a list of movies for you for a fun Halloween.


Halloween! I love all the mystical and mysterious, always happy to celebrate this holiday. In addition to scary outfits and pumpkins, a mandatory attribute of Halloween is watching a horror movie. I never watch horror movies in which evil is a maniac, etc. Such stories are really very scary, because it can happen in reality. But to watch a movie about all the unreal monsters I love.

So, what to see today.
1. Scary movies for the whole family:
"Chronicles of Spiderwick." Interesting and beautiful fairy tale for adults and children. It's a bit like Narnia.


"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" Adults may think that they have already seen something similar, but children are likely to enjoy this film. Sometimes really scary, but good wins and it pleases.


2. Adult movies that are intriguing and frightening, but there is not blood and creepy horror.
"Gracefield". Keeps in suspense, but in spite of this, leaves behind a lightness. Watching this movie, you exhale; " Aah, that's what it was."After this movie, you can not be afraid to pull your foot out from under the blanket, and not afraid to go to the toilet at night.


"Very strange things." The small series. Aside from horror and mystery in it there is line conventional life, love, friendship, family. The series is very interesting and easy. Evil is not terrible, but rather intriguing and mysterious. After viewing also there is no terrible aftertaste. I generally watched it alone, although I usually can not watch horror movies without company.


"Dark." Series from Netflix, and that says it all. Very cool movies I came across from the company Netflix. Grim credits, but not a scary movie overall. One season. Tempting, intriguing, atmospheric. Yellow jackets, dark woods. The whole movie is like a Polaroid album. You look, and before you the edge of time is erased. A subtle move, because in this series just talking about traveling through time. Actors of course do not play perfectly, but it's a series, and he does not claim to Oscar, so everything looks tolerable.


3. Super scary movies.
"Paranormal activity." The film is shot as if on a home camera. A lot of creepy unexpected scenes. The film is quite old, in my opinion, in 2009. In the best spirit of horror movies, chilling.


"American horror story." So terrible that we only watched a few episodes, after which my husband refused to watch it, and I'm one is not exactly overpower. But if one day there is a company to view, be sure to inspect. In this series a lot of really terrible scenes.


"The key to all doors." Film about Voodoo Magic. A bit predictable and very typical film, but still interesting and creepy. This is the film in which you will whisper to the heroine :" Do not go there", but she will go. You will flinch from unexpected appearances, and get cold from fear, listening to the soundtrack.


Do you watch horror movies?
Can you recommend something for a night. Happy Halloween!



Great suggestions, thanks! I think we're actually going to go a different route and watch all of the Halloween-themed episodes of Bob's Burgers tonight. :)


In case anyone was wondering which ones they are. :)

That's a good idea. Happy Halloween!

These are excellent and splendid

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