Marvel's first failed movie?

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Good day, dear reader! Today we are talking about a very controversial film from Marvel studios called the Black Panther. The films of this Studio are very popular among the audience and usually want to talk about them only praise, but unfortunately everything ever ends. And this streak of good Marvel movies have also ended. Although in the West continue to stamp positive reviews, it seems that on wave of best films Studio. This must be due to the fact that almost all the characters in this painting are dark in color? But Yes, who am I kidding! They are so afraid to be suspected of racism that they are afraid to put negative reviews on the film. I have the same tolerance prevails here, so that we don't pay attention to the color of the skin of the actors, but I will say my personal opinion! I consider this film the worst of the series. This does not mean that the film is quite bad, but against the background of other paintings it is absolutely nothing stands out. Absolutely a solo superhero film full of clichés and does not reveal the nature of the characters. All the makings of a painting have been killed and remade into a standard superhero and supervillain slaughterhouse that has a tooth on the hero. It is very sad, because so many new things could be extracted from this picture. For example, Palace intrigues, or how hard it is to be king and at the same time a hero of his country. And what is the result? He is the king, detective, super agent and do it all for their country. Ah and most importantly, he invincible at home! Bullets just bounce off him. As for his experience, if you know in advance that he will be nothing. The most interesting thing in that film is of Wakanda. The state in which all the technologies have gone a lot further, but still there are old African customs and it was interesting to watch. And the rest...I just remember all the films and I'm a big fan of movies caused me any emotions. But then... the film not left nor a trace. It's just flat, absolutely. Yeah about all you can say, if the whole movie could be solved in a two-minute video, as incidentally did. We were completely told the plot of the film in the trailer. So to me the film didn't come. This is Marvel's first failure, even though " Iron man 3." The film caused at least some emotions. Thank you all for watching, subscribe, like us, all the while!


I honestly couldn't care less about the race of the actors all i want is a good movie. I thought the movie was underwhelming and distinctly average it didnt bring much new to the marvel universe and only had one good action scene in the entire movie.

The visuals were great and the actors did well but I don't think it deserves all the praise its getting and im from South Africa so the Africa gimmick doesnt work on me

Everyone has their own taste. My opinion is subjective, but it coincides with many others. I Express only my point of view. No offense to her! Thanks for the comment

I've not seen this one yet, as I kind of was feeling like after watching the trailers I had already seen most of the best parts of the movie and was handed nearly the entire plot.

Yeah, the trailer was everything. Nothing new in the film and will not see

Wow that is crazy that this Marvel comic movie is a total fail

It does not cause any emotion at all. Absolutely the standard the film with dull characters