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I would not consider BRIGHT , the best movie out there. Although, I will regard it as significantly satisfactory. The idea of non-human species living in twisted harmony with humans looks a bit beyond a normal movie stereotype,although this movie seems more like a re-production of suicide squad.

The fact that the harmony was twisted brings out the element of reality that I consistently yearn for while watching a movie. As it is in reality, aren't we all living in twisted co-existence even while we claim peace, breaking and differentiating ourselves into sects of FAMILIES, TRIBES, COLORS , NATIONS and even BLOOD GROUPs.

Lack of the aforementioned element will make any movie trying to espouse the possibility of true oneness a non-realistic setting, if not anywhere else, at least on Planet Earth.

What makes a movie truly great ,if not a well inculcated element of Realistic Fantasy. This is what BRIGHT seems to be.

All the same, BRIGHT seems a little formulaic with the soundtrack borrowing a lot of almost unchanged variables from Sucker for Pain - The Soundtrack for Suicide. We could even say the movie borrowed a bit of that too with the extra-humanness of Will Smith and the sub-humanness of Joel Edgarton.


Loyalty, True Friendship

NOTE: Will Smith protrayed a lot of this towards Joel Edgarton in their respective roles.

Sacrifice, Action, Magic , Sexiness

NOTE: There were some sexy vicious female antagonists, viciousness + sexiness = ?


It is not the movie of the century. It is good but not great. Not much scenes to narrate to your unborn kids and yet unmade friends.


Two police officers: a supposed human and a sort of human-like monster finds themselves in different situations in a modern post-21st century society where humans live in twisted harmony with non-humans.

Directed By David Ayer (Director of Suicide Squad)

Last Note: Just another Suicide Squad Movie.


His realistic portrayal of innocence and self-consciousness all at the same time is highly fantastic.

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