A Geeky Guy’s Movie Guide to Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

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During the nearly two and a half hour run time of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, not a single person in the crowded theater ever left their seat to use the restroom. Although it was not the most original or greatest movie I have ever seen, it simply flew by. No one in attendance was ever bored enough to notice their gradually filling bladders.

The impossible mission... make a geeky guy with a thimble-sized bladder forget he needs to go to the restroom.

Sorry to be so gross, but that is honestly the best way I can sum up this experience. The movie was so entertaining that no one wanted to miss a single moment of it. Is the film very original? Will it make you think? Is the acting sensational?

Nope... but that is not why you go to see a Mission: Impossible movie.

You go to see shit blow up real good!

... and to watch Tom Cruise get hit by a car.

I think I have seen all of the Mission: Impossible movies since the cinematic reboot began in 1996.

The fact that I can not quite remember could simply be yet another indication that I am getting old. Although that may indeed be the case, this lack of recollection is probably more of an indication that, although I am usually entertained by the Mission: Impossible series, aside from a few iconic scenes (like Tom Cruise dangling precariously above laser sensors) they simply aren't that memorable. The movies are merely vehicles for action sequences and unbelievable stunts.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is no exception. During its 140 minute run time, there were very few moments when I was not being entertained by the visuals or sound. In addition to the typical mountain climbing stunts, there were a plethora of chase scenes. Let's see if I can remember all of the ways people chased each other:

  • On foot
  • Motorcycle vs car
  • Motorcycle vs motorcycle
  • Cars
  • Helicopters
  • Mountain climbing

Normally, I am not a big fan of chase scenes (unless they are in Baby Driver). I always know how they will end so I think they are usually a waste of my time. However, the creators of Mission: Impossible - Fallout managed to entertain me with most of the chases.

When the characters finally caught each other, there are well choreographed hand-to-hand battles as well as shoot outs. Although I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan (the dude is weird) he still manages to hold his own while performing his own stunts. Wait. That is not accurate. At age 56, Cruise is still one of the best when it comes to performing his own realistic stunts.

By far the best thing about this movie are the visuals and the sound. I was very happy I chose to spend the extra $5 to see this movie in a Dolby Cinema. If you are planning to see this movie, I highly recommend seeing it on the biggest screen with the best sound possible. I do not think this is intended to be Netflixed on your laptop.

Why would it be a waste to watch on a small screen?

I think movies that rely more heavily on plot rather than action can be enjoyed anywhere. Mission: Impossible - Fallout is not one of those movies. The plot is incredibly unrealistic, full of holes, and quite unoriginal. If you have seen just about any season of the television show 24 then you have seen this exact plot. In fact, I was waiting for Ethan Hunt and Jack Bauer to literally run into each other during one of the many chase sequences.

Don't believe me? Well let me sum up the entire plot in one sentence:

Secret agents need to retrieve stolen plutonium before it can be used to make nuclear weapons.

Get out of here Jack! Go find your own plutonium. This is Ethan's!

But honestly, who cares?

No one in the theater was there for the plot. They were there to see shit blow up real good!

And blow up real good it did!

Aside from the nearly non-stop action, my favorite part of this movie was the fact that the writers seemed to understand that the previous movies were not that memorable. As a result, they used a couple of tricks to bring people up to speed and remind them of who some characters were. Because of this, I feel that one could enjoy this movie even if they have never seen any of the previous installments (or simply forgot them all 30 seconds after the credits rolled).

This was pretty much all I remembered from the previous five movies.

For example, the movie begins with a dream sequence that reminds us that Ethan, played by Tom Cruise, had a love affair with a fellow agent and that he had recently captured a sinister villain with a really spooky voice. Later, Ving Rhames' character, Luther, reminds us all that Ethan had actually quit the game once and was married to a civilian. It was seriously like I was hearing this information for the first time. Thanks Luther!

Let's keep this really simple. If you are looking to turn off your brain (including the part that tells you that you need to use the restroom) and have a little lot of fun for two and one half hours at the theater, Mission: Impossible - Fallout is the movie for you.

But your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find the theater near you with the best picture and sound. I promise that it will be worth it.

Geeky Guy's Movie Guide

Number of times I fell asleep: 0
Number of eye rolls: 0 (I disabled this function of my brain. The entire movie is ridiculous. If I had allowed eye rolls, I would have sprained my eyes!)
Number of face palms: 0 (See above.)
Number of times I went to the bathroom out of sheer boredom: 0 (Did you read the review? The entire premise is based on the sheer entertainment of this movie overcoming the biological urge to pee.)
Number of times I checked steemit: 0 (I forgot I had my phone on me.)
Full price/Matinee/Rental/Free/Not worth the time: If you are going to spend the 2 1/2 hours, you need to see this on the big screen.

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Tom Cruise is a legend.

A confusing legend that I loathe and love simultaneously.

A legend that makes more money the older and more predictable he becomes.

If anyone is reading this and is currently looking for a thesis to write in the subject of movie studies, may I suggest you write one entitled, 'Tom Cruise and his confusing popular appeal.'

@hanshotfirst Thank you for your honest movie review. I look forward to reading many more.


'Tom Cruise and his confusing popular appeal.'


That would be awesome. I seriously don't understand how he has become so popular. I like many of the movies he is in, but it is always in spite of him, never because of him. It is really odd.


If I had some cash I was never in a million years going to miss, I would commission some lucky soul to do this project.

Yes, finding cures for supposed incurable diseases is important but why and how Tom 'sofa jumper' Cruise is arguably one of the biggest stars on this planet (as well as planet Scientology,) is what really keeps the greatest minds awake when night falls.

My friend, we are onto something here... something trivial no doubt, but nevertheless, it is something.

I just saw avengers, I cried

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I am holding my tears for the final installment. I knew Infinity War was just half of a movie. Nothing is permanent just yet.

Agree with but I love tom cruise
He is real hero .....
I will search about this either this is copy or not..

So much hits recieve tom cruise in that movie hahaha

It’s Tom Cruise. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing onscreen, I will always superimpose the image of him jumping up and down on Opera’s couch. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. I’d make a point of going to the toilet many times, play on my iPad, write my novel.

Glad you enjoyed it though...


LOL. I understand 100%. He is a complete loon.

This franchise is my favorite action franchise ever. Besides the second one I loved each and every one. I will personally disagree on one point you made though. You mentioned that they are t that memorable. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen each one a bunch of times but I remember tons of scenes, plot points, or sequences on the previous ones. I actually remember lines as well. Maybe because I’m a fanatic. Lol.

Either way I’ve akready seen Fallout twice and can’t waitbto see it again. So much fun!


I hear you. I probably should have prefaced that comment with "As a casual fan". There are plenty of reasons to be a big fan of this fun series. They didn't turn me into a fanatic but I am glad that you enjoy them and they keep making entertaining installments.


Thanks! Always enjoy your reviews. Lots of nerdy stuff which is right up my alley. I believe you were actually one of my earlier follows due to your name. Lol

Anyway, yeah I love the MI films. While yes...just a “tad” unrealistic. Lol. They provide as you mentioned a ton of anazibgbabd fun action sequences. Despite Cruise being a bonafide lunatic in his personal life...he’s a lunatic that goes above and beyond in his craft. Ever see his film Edge of Tomorrow? Fantastic sci fi action film!


Edge of Tomorrow (or Live Die Repeat depending on when/where you saw it) is one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time. I thought they nailed the video game feel of repeatedly playing a mission until you get it right. Such a clever/fun idea.


Absolutely!!! I initially though “that looks fun...”I’ll check it out “ and when I went to see it, was totally blown away with how much I absolutely loved it. I love being surprised and wowed by films now. This was one that made me feel that.


Oh yeah. I have seen so many movies that when I see any thing original it really impresses me. Just when I think that everything has already been done... some creative people find a way to blow me away.


That’s why I love so many shows. Back in the day we were so limited with the options. Network tv and maybe HBO. Now with Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, all the different networks doing original programming...it gives the opportunity for so much more amazing stories to be told. So many options now. Breaking Bad? The Wire? Arrested Development? We live in a time where so many creative people now have a ton more options to tell a story. I’m happy to soak it all in.

We saw this on opening night, and it was great! We had to remember to breathe throughout all of the intense scenes. On top of all of the stunts that Tom Cruise did for this movie, he even flew the helicopter! We also liked how this movie was a sequel to the last one, which is a first for the Mission Impossible franchise. Totally agree @hanshotfirst , it is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. :)

Since I was a child I've followed Tom Cruise's career, I've always thought he's a stud, all his missions have been good, I don't think this is the exception, despite the years he's been seen with vitality and with the appeal that characterizes him, I agree with you that movies with plot can be seen at home easily, but the action needs a bigger screen and a sound that surrounds you, so this summary makes me anxiously await its premiere in theaters of my country, see that it runs over my favorite actor should not be easy, thanks for the information.
Excuse my English, I use a translator.

This movie is good according to what is expected from him. Anyway it wasin't disappointing like OBLIVION and Edge of Tomorrow.


I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow but don't even remember Oblivion. I know I saw it... but promptly forgot it.


Edge of Tomorrow was way beyond my capabilities to understand. "Do die repeat" made me go crazy. Oblivion was also a kind of alien concept with memory implant to artificial body.

Man I didn't realize Tom Cruise was that old. That makes it even more impressive that he does his own stunts. I heard he destroyed his ankle during the filming of this movie doing a building jump or something.

I found the link. He even stayed in character and kept on acting lol. The dude is super weird though like you mentioned. His involvement with scientology makes you scratch your head.


Man my back hurt just sitting in the theater so long and I am 9 years younger than him! He chooses good movies and does an adequate job in all of them. He doesn't ruin movies (which is actually a compliment) but I could never imagine having a conversation with him.

Glad you liked it. I haven't seen a Tom Cruise movie in several years and am not sure I could sit through it, but maybe all the action would help.


Perhaps Tom Cruise is the greatest actor in the history of time. I mean he acts like a normal person on screen and makes me forget just how bizarre he really is. ;)

I haven't watched these films as i really don't like this man, he does my head in. Glad you had a good time though :)


I can't blame you. I have to look past him personally and just focus on his work.


You have a stronger stomach than me lol

I am the biggest fan of Tom Cruise....
Can i have an upvote from you....@hanshotfirst

Thanks for this review. Now I know that big screen does matter, plot not so much.

So are you suggesting this is how people should live their lives? You are what you focus on?

Movies are an amazing teaching medium. Stories are a powerful tool for conveying moral lessons.

Is it possible to enjoy the movie and expect it to teach you something?

Why is escapism a good thing?
How does watching this movie make life worth living?



You should check out some of my "Life Lessons from a Geek" posts. I believe there are MANY movies that can be used to teach lessons. But this is not one of them.

Escapism is good if it helps you recharge so that you can be refreshed when you take on real obstacles.


I agree that this is not one of the movies that has much to teach, unfortunately.

I suggest a better method to escape and recharge - meditation actually allows the body to relax and reset the nervous system. Rest, naps and sleep are better for the body thank watching a movie that stimulates the brain and sends the body into emotional roller coaster with not determinable moral to explore.

I mean!!!, who would hate on Mission Impossible Sequel

Really can not wait to watch it. heard that it just got to the cinema... sitting on my sofa waiting......calming...


I also found the movie to be quite entertaining. Entertaining enough to keep me in my seat without a run to the bathroom.

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup

@hanshotfirst Your reviews never cease to amaze me. ;)