Weekly Movie GIF Contest #26

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Hi, everyone this is my Gif to the contest "Weekly Movie Gif Contest" of @lost108, i hope you enjoy it.

The Rules are simple:

  • Every participant has to create a post with title “Weekly Movie Gif Contest” and post it to his timeline.”
  • Every participant has to include “movie-gif” tag as primary tag and the second tag has to be “contest”.
  • Every participant has to upvote (not this)“Weekly Movie Gif Contest” post. If they like they can resteem so the contest would get more participants.
  • Every participant has to respond to the “Weekly Movie Gift Contest” post with a comment to their -thread so I can add * them to list and choose the best ones.
  • Participants are allowed to only submit one entry; more than one entry will lead to a penalty.
  • Every participant has to include a movie gif joke within 30 words; more than 30 words entries won’t be accepted.

If you want to participate in this contest, go check out the profile of @lost108 or go to this LINK

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