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RE: The Forcan Ridge: my first big hillwalk since sprained ankle, and my first mountain camp! Part one.

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That you are able to make the trip so soon after the ankle injury is great and so far so good. That snow on the tent is probably the reason 3 others cancelled, they must have known that it wasn't going to be a pleasant trip in their eyes.


Yes, the ankle is healing well, and since that adventure I've done another big trip. I've spoken to one person who cancelled and who kind of regretted it after seeing all the fun we had, despite the snow!

I have only camped one time when it snowed and that was up in the mountains of Pennsylvania when I went deer hunting up there, never again after that. Glad the ankle is doing well.

Honestly, after surviving a night that cold, in a bargain store sleeping bag, I feel I can do anything now! (I just need a better sleeping bag.)