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RE: The Forcan Ridge: my first big hillwalk since sprained ankle, and my first mountain camp! Part one.

in #mountains2 years ago

what ? i thought i was crady LOL
that looks way too cold for me, you go mama!
nice view, you look cute in your outergear and great photos.
the food looked kinda gross, but if you liked it :)
sorry about the ankle and healing hugs, eagle


Thanks for your lovely comments @eaglespirit! Take it from me, the food was delicious, but when you've just done a hike like that, anything tastes delicious ;)

you are so welcome and you look amazing too, i just love hiking and wow does that look like a lot of things pain, love, suffering, but accomplishment LOL
yeah sorry about that, it did look gross but i know a rotten piece of bread is looks and tastes good after a hike like that. your tent tho ... doh! wow, you are awesomely amazing :)

Aw thanks so much for your kind comments! Not sure if I'm amazing or just crazy lol!

i mean it too. not sure i could hang ... i'd be curled up in fetal as soon as i hit the first mountain range ... fk the snow tent bahah

Hahaha! I'd probably be the same with your hot desert sunshine! I'd just have to sit down or dig a hole lol.

yeah its seriously hot and you might cook. LOL

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