Mountain Monday - A Sunday Drive

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The Big and Small of it

It was a somewhat mostly overcast kind of a day, still Mountain Monday was going to be here real soon, and well last week I had to use a view from last year. The Tuesday trip and the Thursday trip were, well I made a few basic camera mistakes. So even though it was overcast at home there were some hints of blue toward the mountains, and since tourist season is still about a month away we headed to the mountains.

First stop was Tern Lake campground. There is a little one width car bridge over the creek that flows out of Tern Lake. The first photo of the trip was the bridge, way to early for the fish but still I think a nice view from the fish viewing platform.

DSC_6362 turn lake campground bridge 12 x 8.jpg

Last year we got lucky on a trip to the little bridge area, and the creek was wall to wall with spawning salmon, I hope to be able to catch that again this year.

While we knew it was to early for the salmon we were hoping for some waterfowl. We did get lucky with a group of three Loons. Like the ducks that visit Alaska, they really do not like people. At least instead of taking to the sky they just swam at a very fast pace. I did manage to get one half way decent shot. Just check that suckers wake out, and he was just getting started.

DSC_6365 one loon 12 x 8.jpg

We caught him just as we were getting ready to leave the campground area. Next stop was the big pullout view spot. Still hoping for a swan or two, but still to early in the season for them I think. Here is the view looking south from the view point. Tern Lake sits kind of in a Y shaped valley right in the center. There is the leg that heads south east-ish to Seward Alaska, the leg that head north ward to Anchorage, and the one that heads to Soldotna and Homer. So mountains everywhere.

DSC_6371 turn lake pullout looking south 12 x 8.jpg

A couple miles to the North heading toward Anchorage, is Jerome Lake, a fairly small lake but it has a pullout and when the sun is out and the winds are calm, you get some really awesome reflections of the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately it is really not fully spring in Alaska, and the lake was still mostly frozen over as you can see here.

DSC_6374 jerome lake still frozen and snow covered 12 x 8.jpg

Still it is a nice area and view point. All is not lost though just because it is still pretending to be winter at Jerome Lake, just across the water and swampy area is an interesting outcropping of a rock area. The picture does not really do the rock justice, but it is a neat thing to see, or at least I enjoyed being able to see it better with out a lot of greenery being in the way. In the spring ans summer you just get a tiny hint of what it looks like. (guess I forgot to process the picture and since it is getting late maybe another day). So on with the picture show.

I found it:
jerome lake rock face close up 12 x 8.jpg

Heading back south again, next stop was the Tern Lake high pull out. A nice pullout, but there is only a small area to get a nice view of the lake and there was someone else at the prime spot, we waited a little to see if they would leave, but they were having a good time and in no hurry, so I got what I could get.

So here we are looking to the mountains to the east.

DSC_6393 mountains from Tern lake high pullout 12 x 8.jpg

And here is the view of Tern lake from the high pullout. Pretty similar to the low view but from a higher view point.

DSC_6396 tern lake high pullout looking at lake 12 x 8.jpg

So that was the end of Tern Lake picture taking for me, for now. Off to the south and to Trail Lake to see what we could see. Here is a quick road shot, not recommended to do, no traffic behind or ahead so I slowed down and was able to get this shot.

DSC_6397 seward highway south view 12 x 8.jpg

Photo editing programs are great to fix the errors of a quick click. I like how it came out, original was a little darker and more shadowed to where the trees along side the road were barely visible.

Last mountain view, this is from Trail Lake. Trail lake is a fish hatchery area, I have never been in there, but think I may visit and do one of the tour things this summer. This is one of the southern edge mountains on the lake.

DSC_6406 trail lake mountain south view.jpg

That concludes the Big of it.

The Small

This picture I am very happy with, along with it being overcast today, it was also pretty windy, so I was real pleased I think it came out great, just a branch of willow with its little pussy toes opening.

DSC_6411 pussy willows at trail lake 12 x 8.jpg

The other small shot is of some moss growing on a tree trunk. Other than the lake this area is...well still in the mountains and does not get a lot of sun other than the little bit it gets in the morning and afternoon in the fall, winter and spring months. So lots of moss and mushrooms in this little area.

DSC_6412 mossy trunk trail lake 12 x 8.jpg

Well that pretty much wrapped up my picture taking day. There were more pictures taken by my wife along the road and along one road we had not traveled in several years. We stopped and had a nice early dinner, and since getting home about three hours ago I did some quick photo processing and edits, and created this post for #mountainmonday.

#mountainmonday is a tag that was brought to us by @keithboone, to see more cool mountains, his blog would be a good place to start. (he is currently on Vacation, so just search the tag)

So that was my Sunday, a pretty nice and fun day. I hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed a day or two.


It's interesting that you say that it's too early for swans. We have them here all year round even when it's a lot of snow.. and also I have never seen a duck that we wouldn't like people. Ducks that we have here come close to you as they hope to get some food :) Or they sit around lazily and ignore you when they're not hungry :)

I like those mountains. It looks like they are growing straight from water. They are so steep! Have you ever climbed any of them?

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

The swans come up to Alaska to nest and breed, we have two types that visit in the spring, the trumpeter Swan and the Tundra Swan. I am not sure I have ever gotten close enough to tell what kind one is. Alaska is still pretty small population/people wise. So the birds have not really gotten used to the free handouts by humans and still have a very large amount of their natural habitat available to live on.

Oh yes those mountains are pretty steep, especially in that forked type valley. I used to hike and backpack when I was a lot younger but those days are well in the past, but I did enjoy backpack camping for a few years before life took me to other activities.

I am just blown away by the curie vote. I thought my wife was pulling my leg when she told me. It was a nice thing to sleep on.

I would love to visit Alaska one day. I've seen many photos and it looks like there is only nature and nature :) No people around and you can just enjoy the moment. A lot of people there either have a boat or a small jet, no? I'm not sure if I heard that about jets in Alaska or Australia :)

You definitely deserved that curie vote! Cheers to many more to come :)

There are a lot of both in Alaska, boats and planes. Airplanes are used year round here in Alaska, in the winter they take the wheels off and put on skis on some of them, and in the summer some put floats on so they can land in the lakes. So yes we have a lot of small planes, not very many private jets, just small two to six passenger planes with single engine.

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I really would like to thank you for this, it is huge to me. It was just a day-out type of post and you support of the ordinary people is much appreciated by me.

Great photo serie. Beautiful shots and a nice read. Sounds like a great round to go on.

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Yes it is a very nice and scenic drive.

The mountains are awesome where you live @bashadow.
Really like the outcropping at Jerome Lake.
Nice to see the pussy willows out.

We were kind of surprised that Jerome lake was still mostly frozen, but that rock face has so much going on in it it is hard not to just look at it when at the lake. When I was writing about it, the picture was not showing up in the folder where it should have been with all the others, then when I got down to the last picture it showed p in the folder, so I was happy that I did not forget to transfer it to the right folder. I hate losing pictures I work on in my mess of folders. Fortunately I never delete the original pictures unless it is by accident.

I was very happy with that shot, it was pretty windy, and my eyes were beginning to tear up because of the cold wind, so very happy with it.

Glad you found the photo. Congrats on the @curie upvote. 😊 🎉

Thanks for capturing the rare beauty of this uncompromising wild land - Alaska. You have posted few quite nice photos. I have read in your article a note, that the spring hasn't fully start yet. Don't you feel in your land any effects of the global warming and climate changing ? In the Europe, weather in the last time(years) is really crazy and doesn't seems to calm down. How is it in Alaska ?

I have pretty much lived in Alaska for a very long time. We have some warmer years than others but also colder years than others. The glaciers continue to melt and shrink, but they also have years that some glaciers will have a surge of growth. The start of winters have slowly moved down the calendar, when I first got to Alaska the first snow would be about October 11th. The last few years it has been in November. There used to always be snow on the ground at Halloween, now not so often. While winter may start a little later, Spring is still generally on time and does not really start until about the 20th of may, and putting flowers out is pretty iffy if you do it before June first, still a chance of killing frost.

Snow covered mountains, lakes, wildlife what more could one ask for, brilliant photography share.

Enjoyed this day out into a country offering so much beauty.

I have been having a lot of fun taking pictures and sharing them, I just wish that my focus was a bit better, and that I remember to reset and check my camera settings, I am getting better at that, but I still have a few outing that were an almost complete wash picture wise. But that just means I need to go and try again.

Reading your post and scrolling through your pictures, I felt like I was there in this beautiful location. You make some fantastic pictures. But I’m glad that in my place is already spring without snow. Take care.

The snow is almost gone, the cold weather still a little bit to go on it. Still 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 C), is better than 32 F (0 C). I will be glad when that 43 is the overnight cold temperature.

The warm temperatures will come and you can enjoy spring hiking again.

Nice to see water in river with snow in some pics, balanced combination of winters i guess.

What's that small thing that you captured beautifully? Willow, is that a living organism?

They are pussy willows, the pre-leaf stage of the willow trees and bushes. They look like hairy fuzzy little cat toes, and are also refered to as katkins, but most people just call them pussy willows.

I checked out Willow on google. As per the pictures i saw of the long fluffy willow tress, it is fascinating to see the earlier stage of it.

Maybe word pussy confused me earlier.
It is fascinating to know this now, increased my knowledge base, thanks :)

Prior to my arriving in Alaska, a long time ago, I always knew them as catkins.

This looks like your big one and I can see why @curie got all interested. Lots of detail and photographs! Sometimes I edit mine if they are too dark, but most are unaltered.

Thank you, I was shocked when my wife told me, I was already off playing Dragon Age on the x-box. I have been enjoying the digital photography hobby. I love seeing other peoples backyard shots, so now I can share some of mine back to them.

Beautiful posting @bashadow and great times! :-)
One of the best leg pulls ever!! lol

I am still surprised, not only the curie, but I think one of most commented on post I have done in a long long time also.

Great day to spend a Sunday. I prefer the mountains over any other landscape. Snow is a bonus feature. Thank you for the great photos.

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Wauw you have taken a lot of beautiful shots there @bashadow!
The mountains look very impressive. The trail lake picture looks awesome.
Thanks for sharing!

It must be hard not to take pictures of every single inch of land/life around that area.
Big or small it is just beautiful.
Is it too cold all year long?
It must be great to live nearby, if hospitals and other facilities are also near. :)

Plenty of nearby facilities, and the big city is only a three and a half hour drive. Cold is all a relative thing. In the middle of winter a 25 degree day with a lot of sun can feel like t-shirt weather, we do get down right cold at times, this year was not so bad we did not ave very many days in the minus zero Fahrenheit range. The real cold is only about mid November through mid February.

In the summer we have several days that it may get to the mid 70's, but mostly it stays in the 67-70 degree range, and they can feel very hot. At 70 degrees the air conditioner in the car gets turned on. The windows in the house get opened and we hope there is a breeze to cool things down. It took me two winters to acclimate to the weather here, but once you do it is like 'yeah so it is only 5 degrees lets go', and off people go to do the normal things of life.

Great. Thanks for all those details. It's good to know.

I am glad to see your name on the Curie list. You live in a beautiful part of the world with beautiful scenery. I am sure you guys have to make the most of the season now with the milder weather. It still looks pretty fresh and chilly though, but you are obviously used to it as this is most likely warmish for you. I would love to see the Salmon spawning and i am sure you will get some photos in the next month or so. Thanks for sharing the post and photographs.

This was a really big surprise for me. we had a nice drive and got a few nice pictures to share with folks. I love seeing all the pictures and descriptions from various parts of the world that I will never get to visit, but I can still get a personal view of peoples backyards through their photos and stories. A very nice thing about steem blockchain.

hi @bashadow
w o w !! As a traveler, I have to tell you that I like Alaska so much as a destination, sooner or later I will face it! What is the best time to visit it? And then I would like to ask you: but is it true that there is so much work for salmon fishing and that it is paid very well?
However nice post and beautiful photos !!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us

The fishing industry used to be well paying in the late 80's early 90's, but I have no idea what it is like anymore. There has been a lot of consolidation and price changes since then, and I never really kept up to well with the fishing industry.

Best time to visit I think really depends on wants needs and desires of what to see, do or experience. For people that love to ski then the middle of winter late Jan. Early Feb. For hunters, it would be when the hunt is on for what ever animal they want, or for fishing during the major Salmon Runs. For bird watching it would be mid May, and for camping and such I would say toward the end of summer late July early August. That is the warmest time of year.

many thanks for your reply! I imagine the scenery is wonderful all year round, but I really want to feel the cold, see the snow and the glaciers. I would like to experience what it is like to live in such an extreme and wild place!