Free Solo

in mountaineering •  18 days ago

I watched Free Solo on television yesterday. It was probably the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life. It's a National Geographic documentary about a free solo climb by Alex Hannold of El Capitan, a 900 m tall monolith in Yosemite national park in California, most of which is vertical. Free solo means climbing alone and without any safety gear whatsoever. Hannold is the only person who has ever done that.

Here's Alex Hannold giving a TED talk about how he did it.

The Free Solo National Geography document is very good in that it tells the story of Hannold's eight-year preparation of the attempt and the psychological aspect of it from a multitude of perspectives.

People like Alex Hannold, the vast majority of whom are men, are the reason why our species has colonized every survivable environment on Earth. What the most extreme of the extreme athletes like free solo climbers do is embody the spirit of exploration and pushing boundaries that makes us unique as a species. We are pipedal hunter gatherers whose origin is in the African savanna. We have hands with opposable thumbs and huge brains. Other than that, the only physical advantage we have is endurance. Otherwise, our bodies are weak and fragile. It's our mental superpowers that allow us to thrive in any environment.

The next step in evolution will be transhumanism including altering the human body and mental characteristics using technology as well as blurring the boundaries between human and machine. But frankly speaking, it is quite astounding what some unaltered rare individuals are capable of.

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Nice, you watched it too! Probably the highest stakes ever in a documentary – for everyone included!

Other than that, the only physical advantage we have is endurance.

Also, being able to throw projectiles on two feet while maintaining good balance. That coupled with endurance and you have a pretty good hunting machine.


Yeah, that's correct.
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People like him amaze me. Whyyy I ask? I absolutely shit myself watching the climbs . But I’m totally glued to it. I watched the film not so long ago about a French tightrope walker tight roping the twin tower and nearly got sick with the anticipation . Did you ever watch that film?? The camera effects made you feel like you were up there.


No, I didn't but thanks for the tip!

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Yeah there’s was quite a stir at the time. Some people in the cinemas were throwing up with the camera effects . I loved it. The film was called the walk . 826668C7-897C-48D5-AE6D-EF788B59D646.jpeg

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