Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Snow' (Part #263)

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I had a plan. But, the snow fell and painted everything white while I was asleep. The rear wheel just turns and turns. No riding today. It very much seems like the end of the riding season. But then again, one never knows. This is a country of strong weather mood swings.

The real winter is here. I like when it snows. When I see the snow, I feel relaxed. As if there is nothing much to do except to enjoy the sight. The overall whiteness calls for an afternoon nap. Not for everyone! People love to go skiing and have good times on the slopes. I used to do that quite a bit.

What I really like about snow is the white nights. City lights reflect off the white surfaces and penetrate the darkness from down under, removing it quite a bit. One can see almost as if it is daytime. Everything feels so different when the nights are not dark at all.

The wheels are full of snow. The road probably hasn't been cleared anyway. Definitely not a motorcycle day. Well, I'm also having a problem putting the bike back to the garage. Most of the motorcycles don't have reverse and my feet are sliding off the ground. Not that the reverse would help much at this very situation. :-)

Well, I've tried. Going back inside, now. A good book and a cup of warm tea should do the trick for today. And tomorrow... Well, tomorrow everything might look entirely different. That's what tomorrows are for! ;)

Enjoy your day! :-)

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A good book and a cup of warm tea. What could be better?! -Aside from reading relaxing Steemit posts like this. Haha. You never fail to make my day @velimir. Thanks!

One that can not change in this universe, that is change itself.

The living will die, the meet will be separated, the young will be old. Everything is eternal, there are only two choices in change; either better or worse than before.

Many of us can not accept the change itself; need time, need a process, it takes adaptation All nothing is instant. The dearest will be very traitorous, friends have many who become enemies, in a matter of seconds laughter can turn into tears. Everything is reciprocal.

Those who hurt will be hurt, which one will be disappointed, which will be taken away. Many are so overlapping when it hurt, but not a few also regret when the wound returns to those who have hurt. Nowadays it no longer has to wait for years to witness or feel karma, in just a matter of months it can all happen with God's permission.

Many desperately survive, though in self-destruction. Many are desperately smiling in front of many things; congratulations for a lot of laughter, but actually in his solitude he is fragile and can not hold a single drop of tears only. This is not a hypocrite, honey.

Now think about it, if he cries in front of the crowd, will others see will understand? Will other people who see will be willing to take the time to share? No, not exactly. There was ridicule, a derision of humiliation. What can I only understand myself? Releasing tired, crying in solitude. There's nothing wrong with it.

Because I am convinced that behind all the tears there is a hidden power, I believe that.

Snow is such a double sided coin. It. An be absolutely beautiful and picturesque. Hanging from trees and covering landscapes in a way that captivates you. At the same time is creates havoc and danger. How can something so perfect and pristine be so filled with the possibility for bad things. Snow is a beauty to be respected.

Recently, snow covered most of Europe (judging by the news). Therefore, it is not surprising that now you have snow on the street. Thanks to your climate, everything can change. Today it's snowing, and tomorrow it will not be and the sun will shine.
Today is definitely not the day of the motorcycle.
March is usually a warm month. Almost every day we have an orange danger level due to snow. Previously, this was not. Every year I am convinced more and more that the climate is changing right before our eyes.
I think today you have the opportunity to make beautiful photos with snow. Probably:)
Good day

There are documentaries about motorcycle trips over the Himalayas and through each and every desert on planet Earth. a twenty-nine-year-old Australian census seeker who travels halfway across the globe seeking adventure. It looks to me like you are going to have a really good winter.thank you for your good post of motorcycles.good job sir.. @velimir

I hate it when my reverser is slipping :) Though mine usually comes from fine sand, not snow...

It looks to me like you are going to have a really good winter. Short. I always liked the snow early in the year, it was after I'd dealt with it for a while that I hated it :) Maybe your winter will be short enough to not get sick of the snow...

Sometime the weather changes our plans. But, I have seen a lot of your blogs that still gets you out on the bike in the snow.. lol So, it must be pretty bad if your not out riding. I think it is kinda neat that you got around so much on the bike , in the Hey, there is nothing wrong with chilling around the house.

Amazing! Where is that?
Sooo different from my city, here is always hot!

It's a new day every day :)
LIfe gives us a new chance daily to do good things again and again :)
Good things like helping others :)
Feeling the pain of others, sharing others pain.

Winter is there to enjoy with a hot cup of drink and good books. Snow is white, white is the purity and relaxing. Enjoy your day man.

yeah true,i love winter

Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


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wow very nice post


The 25 inspiring visual motorcycle documentary travelogues you will find below form a very diverse bunch. There are documentaries about motorcycle trips over the Himalayas and through each and every desert on planet Earth. Trips that are cinematic masterpieces due to its visuals. And there are old school classics that prevail through there pure and unbound adventure @velimir

Nice planning brother :)

Wah keren sekali sepeda motornya om, saya suka

Run motorcycle on ice.....
Just amazing advanture...
Thanks @velimir...wait for next part of this series..

Woow amazing adventure @velimir. Thank for good post...

Hola. Bueno, tranquilo en café con un buen té y planificando. Saludos

Motor cycle riding is a great specially in snowy weather.

Enjoy the riding. And I inspire your work.

I really love your pictures, the Cross process its Wells used here. The textures's snow is Magic. Thanks for sharing :)

the motorcycle look like wow and awesome. thanks for sharing that.

Exactly.. Steemit is all about being faithful and truthful.... Though, it may look so difficult at first. LIKE WHAT I'M PASSING THROUGH....but with hardwork,diligence,and honesty we will make it.. Be yourself and don't cheat.. Nice and good post... Kudos.. I love your is a good and nice work..

Motor cycle riding is a great specially in snowy weather,,,,

You had a very rewarding post. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Wonderful post, thanks for sharing @velimir

I'm your dear friend. Thanks.

Good Post!

The way am looking at the motorcycle, I wish to know how many kilometer can this motorcycle cover per hour..

yaaah ... thats some good options or initiative .... and a better planning too ... keep it up..