Is it the clutch? Or....

When taking your bike to the shop, it's a good idea to go prepared. Check the forums for people who report problems on the same model bike that you have. Perhaps some DIY is what's needed.
Another question is do you have a good reliable mechanic? They're very difficult to find. What I find my personal life is that when you have personal contact with the mechanic as opposed to the shop manager, you can feel more at ease.
Nine times out of ten it is the simplest solution that will have you back up and running and on the road again. And these Simple Solutions you can do yourself. Below is a list of simple possible solutions to what may be troubling your motorcycle:

  1. item do you have gas? I know this may seem like a simple simple thing however, if you have a carburetor, or an older bike that does not have a gas gauge, and your sputtering and stalling they just need to fill up the tank.
    2 when was the last time you adjusted the clutch cable? If you can't remember, and your bike clutch is slipping or sticking, then maybe you should just adjust the cable at both the handlebars and the engine.
  2. Have you checked the oil lately? Remember especially if you are a writer who does not ride on a daily basis that oil may just need to be changed.

1Hope this is helpful when you run into trouble.

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