Aftermath of Rain in Delhi

in motorcycle •  3 months ago

This is a sequel to my earlier post which was titled "Ride Day Gone Wrong".
Watch what happened after the rains stopped and I went for a ride. What I experienced was crazy!
I'm happy that I finally received an upvote from @dtube on my previous video which was a completely raw video of rains. I'm sure it caught their eye because of the click bait-ey title and nothing else. Also, I'm sad that none of my good videos where I had actually put in a lot of efforts got recognized by 'em.
Anyways, I better focus on creating and not worry about it. :D

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Yep. Some work needs to be done towards the development of the drainage system in our city.


I'm from Houston, so I can relate haha

Better put on some flowting gear for dri ing..or diving...😝

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Ur each and every post makes me curious about ur next I wait for ur post to get an experience I loved ur blogs it would be glad if u see my blog and upvote and comment