To Superbike or not to Superbike?

in motorcycle •  5 months ago

A lot of super bikes keep passing by on the road next to my house. The sounds they make really gives anybody listening to it an eargasm. I'm sure you must've heard a few super bikes pass by you too and probably thought the same, or not if you hate motorcycles or loud sounds. 

I went jogging today evening to a farm nearby and was giving some thought to owning one. 

Although I've loved them and always wanted to own one from the start, I was mostly trying to figure what value it would actually add to my life. It would not make me some passive income for sure!

Yeah, these days I'm letting the practical side of me take over. At this point in life, I have to.

After some thought, I came to a conclusion that owning one adds absolutely Zero value to my life.

Of course they sound great, go fast, stop fast, you look cool on one, the thrill factor is present. But, when you think practically, you realize that you wont be able to even use half of its power on the road, it grabs unnecessary attention, especially in a developing country like India. 

People will want to sit on it and take a picture wherever you park it meaning you won't have peace of mind, gives you fuel efficiency of a car or even less at times and it gets difficult to mindlessly ride it anywhere you want like how you would with the smaller bikes.

And then comes the maintenance costs: the insurance, the spare parts, the tires which you need to change every 5000 kms, the brake pads, the chain sprocket all these are quite expensive when you have a super bike and ends up drilling a big hole in your pocket just to give you some thrill. 

Looking at all these things, the practical mind screams Liability!

34000 USD (which is the cost of one here with all taxes) could generate so much passive income that you could live off just on it if invested wisely rather than spending on a liability. 

Maybe someday when my heart takes over and the money on my account shows what my Steemit account value is showing today (Estimated Account Value  $358,673,313,420.78 <- How I wish this was not a glitch), I'll rush to the showroom and get one for myself. Oh! and post about it on Steemit. :D 

Until then I don't mind riding this or play with a scale model from the first picture :P 

Ride On!

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I don't know what value a superbike adds to one's life but this post definitely adds value to my life :) I believe in controlled minimalism and this resonates with that. @wandereronwheels looking forward to meet you soon.


Let me know when you wanna catch up.


First weekend December. you are In Delhi right?


Yeah, Sunday morning or noon should be good!