BMW G310 GS: Is it worth your money?

in motorcycle •  6 months ago

Got an opportunity to test ride the BMW G 310 GS and here's a short video of the test ride and I share my views about the bike. What do you think about this little adventure bike?

Here's an alternate link:

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Better to wait for KTM's adventure bike.

nice feedback.. wasn't a big fan of the music though and I thought you got on the wrong side of the bike because there was less space but you also ended up getting off the bike the wrong way.. why??


The bike was parked straight, so wanted to make sure I would catch it if it falls.
Thanks :D


yeah.. that was at the start.. but at the end also u got off the wrong side


that was at the start

That was at the end.
At the start the reason was:

because there was less space

Amazing yaar I loved ur craze toward bikes and I love ur posts too because I'm too an bike lover and ur post motivates and make my loves increase toward my bike..... I too post some good blogs just check and comment if possible loved your post