Breakfast Ride to a Moto Café in Delhi!

in motorcycle •  4 months ago

Last minute plans are always the best, don't you agree?

Last Sunday, I and @thenomadictales planned a ride to a motocafe named Throttle Shrottle in New Delhi. It was such a cool place filled with bikers and had a good ambience with biker theme.

Have a look at their menu below:

The way this spontaneous plan happened was interesting. I had gone out for a short spin the previous night and had uploaded the stories on Instagram. Watching it created an itch to ride in @thenomadictales (I think) who hadn't touched his bike in ages because of work.

When I returned home that night, I had a text from him asking if I wanted to ride on the Sunday. Me being ever ready for a ride said yes and we planned it up.

Usually when you plan something for ages and try to work it out, it never seems to happen. Goa Trip is a big example of that and Indians will know what I am talking about :P

So, we planned up and the next morning I caught up with @thenomadictales in xBhp Dhaba and we rode towards Throttle Shrottle. It was a nice ride to the outskirts of New Delhi and the roads + weather was perfect.

Once we reached there I realized it was quite a popular place because it was packed with Super Bikers and KTM Bikers. There was even this beautifully restored Classic model of a Bentley!

Fortunately we managed to get a table, ordered food and then went around the place to check all the bikes/cars and the place. We found this bike with two huge horns that are supposed to be put on a truck?

Beautiful logo of Bentley.

You can check out the place and the bikers in the images. I had shot three videos of the place too but right now I'm too lazy to stitch it and post. Maybe I should do it?

Royal Enfield Cafe Racer and a BMW S1000RR

Triumph Daytona 675

A garage inside the cafe.

Then we headed to the countryside roads.

Some photoshoot happened there.

One with Qutub Minar, a famous monument in India.

And then from here, we parted ways. On the way back home, I stumbled upon a beautiful building. It was actually an entrance to the tomb of Safdar Jang. I captured this beautiful shot.

And then finally you can see the comparison picture between old graphics and new graphics on my bike. I had posted this story on Instagram to know the opinions of my instafam.

Which one do you think looks better?



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Thank you so much! :)

Wonderful log. We should plan rides more often.

fun adventure. Haven't seen you post many motorcycle things recently. You've been about that bicycle life :)


Got to post man. So much content is there but I'm getting caught up in other things. Time to change my priorities.

Hii dear @wandereronwheels i like your motorcylce ride so Done Resteem,like,follow , and I requested you please Upvote my post....


Thank you! :)

Loved ur post it bike post I's really loved by me its feel good to have to see some one is passionable about bike I loved ur post and liked it kindly Hope same which would help me growing on this platform brother

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