Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Inside of the House' (Part #216)

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'The Inside of the House'


The surrounding is great, let's what is inside this place. The first thing I see is the wood stove. They probably use the thing. I doubt they'd let it take so much space if there was no real use for it. It might be the only source of heat in winter times. No gas heating in remote areas.

An old petroleum lamp. I didn' have much chances to see it actually lit in my life but I like the quality of light it gives if properly cleaned. Not that I like the smell and soot coming from it. It can also be well used as a film prop when filming pre-electricity scenes.

When I look closer at the old stove, it doesn't look that old. After more examination I decide that is was custom made to look old. That was done right, the stove fits the space, even though it takes the place of another table. I guess most of the guests prefer to sit outside, anyway. The inside is a spare solution, except in cold and windy weather.

Firewood, ready... The stove is definitely being used.

I notice there is a place dedicated to local home produce. Some honey, jam, tea all neatly packed. This is way healthier to eat than any industry processed food one buys in the supermarket. The need for lower prices brought along a ton of chemistry one is not to eat if wants to stay healthy. These things they put in what they call food kill slowly, meticulously for decades, not letting people find the real reason behind their illnesses. This is how food industry helps the pharmaceutical industry grow. A vicious circle of profit and pain.

Oh, this I love. Old box radios always have a wow vibe. I still keep the one which belonged to my grandmother. I remember liking the white noise coming from it before granny tuned some shortwave station in some, for me, unknown language. The crazy thing from the forties/fifties still works. Well, I cheated a bit there, several years back I took it to an old guy for partial refurbishing. It looks pretty cool sitting on top of my wardrobe.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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I used to stove for heating purpose . You are back with a new spicy series. first of all welcome here to write something fantastic real thing.
I would like to read and know something which is based on true story , You are doing here really good work and wrote qualityful content .That makes me happy to read your post.
I get nostalgic when i was reading you post . This advanced technology makes our life easier but it's true behind the scene that we were more happy to lead those days we left out.
Good job dear. carry on . Happy Steemians @velimir

This post of yours @velimir is like a blast from the past. Your series are awesome. This time, as always the way you took the photos, gives extra drama to it. Its like It transported me back to our old granda house. The radio, the wood, the lamp and the coal flat iron are things when added together gives such impact. Lot's of emotions, It even gave me a flashback of the happy days with my folks.

How cool! I love the new stove in the old space, and I love the feel of wood heat in general. I don't love getting up in the middle of the night to stoke the stove :)

I remember kerosene lights. My parents were electrified before I came along, but power was prone to going out, especially in winter. The smell and the look are warm feelings for me.

And I remember the radio. My parents didn't get TV until 1954 when I was 3. But the radio could explore the world! My Dad had a crystal set (not the box radio that sat on the counter and lived on a regional station) that he could tune with two knobs. We could get Cincinnati Reds home baseball games, they were our home team until the Dodgers moved west in 1957 and put their top farm team in Spokane, Wa. We could then hear all the games from either team!

Thanks for another delightful walk down memory lane.


look at my photos.


The best Art so far <3 <3 <3

Look at these old items that straight a way took me to my childhood. Oh Man that Petroleum Lamp My Grandmother used lit up in her house after getting the dark and we as young kids were supposed to refill it's fuel by a nearby shop if it gets finished ;)

That Old Radio reminds me of my Great Grandfather who bought such a gadgetry from JAPAN and used to listen News and programs on it with loud distortion ha ha ha :D

That stove is not a new thing for me until late 1990s we had such a stove in our another house in which used to put woods to get it's Fire ;)

Well Thank You so so much My Great Friend @velimir by sharing these amazing Photos to relive those moments of my life :) :)

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

hey dear .. my grandfather also had one of that radio ! i love it cause it moves me to the past! this kind of radios are great and can work for a lot of years ,, my grandfather'sradio is working propely for mayebe 60 years,, its awesome ! by the way.. where are you now? i mean where are you on a trip now?is it a hostel ??

I always found unique and old touch in your work which gives me the idea about you are a very deep man with deep thoughts which no one can understand.
you always give us something to cheer about.
I always find happiness while watching and reading your posts.
resteeming :)

Turkiye's warming gases in some places still do. stove is being used. I love this dangerous but authentic air. the voices of his departure and the light that hits the red ceiling!
I looked at your photos and remembered the old ones, and this made me feel longing.
thank you for your nice share

i am always wondering that where we got wrong..i do not know that why we left this simplicity and hugged this sort of complex life style..even though it is said that advancement in technology has made lives easier..i feel it in the opposite has made our lives more complex :)

I love to read your travel blogs.It reveals the hidden lives of people and their way of living.I love to explore the lives of those who live amidst the serenity of the nature

Nice Post,
I have read your post completely, and I am impressed by you.I will work honestly to succeed in this field.

I love your writings in this vitrine creative work

Great photography.
Much obliged for sharing it

Its truly amazing to see the ways that technology and home items have transformed over time. Great post.

Inside the house looking like historical photos captured, Really amazing it made my heart beautiful. I don't know why but it's true!

Everything looks attractive to me.There is warmth there.Thank you for a nice post.:D

it is a nice experienced, I know it because it feels like you returned back time. I feel nostalgic each time i went to a place like that.

Welllllll... the inside of the house surely looks beautiful...

I really like your posts and I enjoy very much with all your posts.👍

i love your Motorcycle Travel.I want to join with you

This is nothing but creativity on display. Still wondering how you did the format.

'The Inside of the House'
Reading things like this makes a quality man. Blessings to you @velimir

home and contents of the clasic..
remember the old days.

Last two defines life.🎶

Your beautiful creative art of ancient properties would make one even ask if modernization was really worth it. Am familiar with the stove though. My mum still keep one but I've never seen her use it. Lol

Good job sir..

I really like your work @velimir, your photographs have a lot of history.

thanks ^^

Antique Old petroleum pump is looking nice decoration piece. please tell us how can we use it for lighting purpose?

Thanks :)

Informative post !!!!

It looks like a 70's house. Never thought people could still be using petrol lamps and the radio.
By the way is this an abandoned house?

Awesome post dear great job carry on bro n thaks a lot for sharing lovely post with us @velimir

Wow! Another original stuff, and analytic write-up but sir how did you know that the stove is custom made to look old. Was your analysis based on observation or research...

Pls sir can I get the link to adsactly in discord.
And sir pls do check out my post it support is needed sir

excellent your publication, that esrilo of life allows you to connect with the beauty of this world beyond a few simple walls in the middle of a jungle of concrete, meet new people, cultures and way of thinking, simply is fantastic.


vote and reward perfect post


Eski evlerin sıcacık ve içten bir hali vardı. Şidilerde o eski samimi insanlar ve evler o kadar azaldıki buna çok üzülüyorum. Hatırlıyorum da küçükken okula gitmemek için hasta numarası yapardım sıcacık sobalı evimin keyfini çıkarırdım. Çocukluğuma götürdünüz beni. 👧

despite the fact that outside this building needs cosmetic repair - everything looks pretty simple inside, but the main thing is cozy. The old oven will not be bad to warm in cold weather, although judging by your climate - the sun and the warmth please you all the time :)
I agree that chemical food is like a poison of delayed action. Earlier when people ate only natural products - there were not so many diseases and life expectancy was greater.
But if you think about it, then such a balance is beneficial to many. First, cheaper and chemical food - brings a lot of money, but the fact that people begin to fall ill and look for the cause, while trying drugs - brings money to pharmacology. The process of artificial enrichment.
Therefore, eat more natural products and be happy
Have a nice day:)

nice post😍😍

Old wood stoves are great for some food like pizza, there not to hard to make either me and some friends built one with a barbeque for a mate in has back yard, turned out great.

thank you, your post. upvoted!

Nice radio ;) Hope you had time to listen to music also

It remembers me of my grandma stories and grandma's home right now. She was story telling me that the only light source they had in order to write/ read was petrolum lamps and those were pretty hard to get / expensive.

Watching this remembers me a lot about my grandma and reminds me I need to see her again asap. Thank you for sharing this @velimir

wall this is fun

i love #motorcycle riding and those riders who rid it with good speed.

thanks, happy today

You remind me of my childhood dream to buy a z1000 bike thank u 😅

whether you are a fan of modified motorcycles, how far you walk as long as you have it, the most awesome thing you get during your ride, sorry I just want to ask it, mukin your answer is science for me, thank you

Awesome post dear great job carry on bro n thaks a lot for sharing lovely post with us @velimir

I am a cycling traveller. And i admire you!!!

I really like the lights, because the lights in the picture that looks like a lamp of antiquity, and very rarely we meet in today. in its light is not as bright as a lamp usually, but the lighting of this lamp there is its own beauty. allow me to reestim

Lovely pictures, made special by the use of filters :-)
Our house has a pile of wood aswell, since we're living with the eat of our woodstove here!

hello hello today I could see your post.It is striking the environment described is totally rural I imagine the taste of honey also the savory of the marmalade the products of much energy, the photo of the radio is very curious this team must have many years of anguedad .
I invite you to read my post
please comment and vote
Take care

Amazing photography dear.... i like this post..
and very nice traveling, i waiting your next post
carry on your creativity......

awesome, I look at it again and again !!! great work velimir

Amazing stuff I hope soon I will have a same travel. Congratulations.

Love history, great photos, its nice to reflect and appreciate! thanks

Great idea for this series ! Make sure to check my profile for upcoming photography :)

Very Good... Keep try more

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