Triumph Speed Triple 1050R 2016

in motorcycle •  10 months ago


  • Engine: 1050 cc, 138 hp, three cylinder, liquid cooled, 6-speed.
  • Weight: 192 kg.
  • Fuel tank: 15.5 l.
  • Top speed: 257 km/h.
  • Seat Height: 825 mm.
  • ABS brake system ( Brembo and Nissin ).
  • Traction control and 5 ride modes.
  • Adjustable Ohlins suspension system.
  • Stainless Steel exhaust system.
  • Carbon fibre panels.
  • 5 spoke aluminium wheels.









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This bike is a savage, without traction control it could be unrideable.

Triple engine's torque is tremendous, a true streetfighter!


I was surprised by the very small turning angle.


Well thats a little price to pay for a best equipment money can buy! Ohlins suspension, brembo brakes, sophisticated ECU (open-sourced!!!!), these guys know what they are doing!

looks so godgeous...awesome...

Your content is very good, I love it

i like this superbike @daumantas

Does it have the factory option to match the engine oil color with your drive way paving, then you don't have to worry about oil leaks messing up your paving.

Those twin mufflers look so exciting ❤️

this motorcycle is very beautiful. Though the triumph is a bit expensive but has beautiful motorcycle that stand out from the rest!! For me looks a lot like the Ducati Monster 797 :)

138 hp,whoa! That baby is a beast.

perfek, I think you are one of a thousand people who like motorcycles