Road Blocks In The Mind

in #motorcycle2 years ago

On 3/25/19 I crushed a barrier, I took what was left of my courage and jumped on my iron steed and just went out on the open road ....

I did it for my daughter, that's what it took to take it to the next level.
she had a school meeting that morning and I knew that I would never get anywhere if did nothing.

Inactivity is worse than failure

just like Nike you just do it. I started up the motorcycle at 8 A.m. left the base my first concern was the highway and shifting to the speeds and making sure I was seen, well my bike is red so I didn't have that problem all the self-training I did kicked in, "stay in the center", " three car lengths behind", all was well certainly not nearly as daunting as I thought.

It all felt fairly natural and the people I thought were aggressive drivers gave me space it was an invigorating, exciting and somewhat natural riding experience.

I ended up crushing my goals that day I went past them certainly a confidence booster.

I ended up making several stops and even getting my bike inspected

I realized at the end of the day that we often make things harder on ourselves, blocking the things we really want to do.

my next goal: taking the license test and removing my riding restrictions ... then taking my first night ride

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