Hi my first blog post

in #motorcyclelast year (edited)

Hi I am new to steem & steemit. I wanted to write a post to introduce myself. I currently have a blog that I use for my travels, it is a bit behind at the moment but I will eventually get it up to date.

A bit about myself.
I live in Australia, I ride a motorcycle, I am currently studying at university part time, I am doing a maths unit at the moment, it is 30 years since I left school so am finding the maths a bit difficult. I am also at the moment attempting to get fit and lose some weight.

I ride a Triumph Tiger 800.

Last year I shipped my motorbike into England and spent 2 1/2 months riding the UK & Ireland. It was an awesome trip and I hope to get back there again some day to do the bits I missed.





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