$1745,48 The Cost Of a Motorbike Driving Licence in Germany

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This is a short but complete list covering all the costs involved in getting your German motorbike driving licence. First of all I think Germany offers you the most expensive and most complex driving license on earth. But it is what I consider a training worth paying for if you think about all the stupid rules and laws that we have here in Europe. If you're looking for a good indicator of inflation look at the price of a drivers licence. 30 years ago it was 90% less.

registration at your school - 230,00 €
biometric picture - 12,00 €
request for licence at administrative district office - 37,50 €
eye examination - 6,43 €
software with all the 936 questions of the exam - 40,00 €
data sync local residents' registration office - 5,20 €
actual riding lessons with the bike - 1084,67 €
theoretical exam fee - 22,50 €
actual riding test - 122,00 €

= 1560,30 €
= 1745,48 $

What does it cost in your country?


In Poland about 400euro

I should have learned riding motobikes in Poland then.

how many hours of driving is in riding lessons?