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Kickstart 2 - Past- Present- Future HD 720p (2010)

in motocross •  3 months ago

No it isnt when the copyright owners name is all over the description. If you uploaded a book would you change the plot? no so I posted the owners video plot which is part of my terms with them that nothing is to be changed. You need to get off our high horse and admit when your wrong. This is not a blog post if it was then it would be plagiarism. It is a description of a video the way the owners want it, go to any site that has this video or go out and buy the DVD and you will see the exact same description. It is not my fault you cant read correctly it clearly states that Transworld Motocross Magazine presents Kickstart 2 not that CBM Racing does and if you go down it also says the copyright is Transworld so you need to stop now, I know it is hard to admit you are wrong and even harder to apologize but if you want a comparison I will give you one. Now you cant accuse I Tunes of being guilty of plagiarism to or maybe you are dumb enough to just that to get around admitting you are wrong! Here read their description Now stop harassing me!

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