Shock Injury possiblity - Jason Anderson

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So most pro teams stay at a track to put some testing in before moving on to the weekends national action, unfortunately this Thursday at Glen Helen seems to have taken it's toll on This years Monster Energy Supercross Champion Jason Anderson.


Most pros take to the track and mix it up with amateur or 'normal' riders but this can sometimes be a bad mix, you have slow, fast and pro riders together which is a mix of speeds and when jumps are involved tha'ts a bad mix. You can't brake in mid air or even change direction... not good.


It seems Jason Anderson was caught up with an amateur rider yesterday at Geln Helen which saw him crash over the side of the track. his mechanic carried him off the track but everyone on the Husqvarna team quickly exited the track with him. This is bad news for their season with Dean Wilson already out for the year with an ACL injury... This would leave the Factory Team with nobody... We all wait with crossed fingers that Anderson is ok.

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That is geat motor cross, and thank for sharing this,
and i love #factorysteemite witness
And i resteem

Yes, ams drifting around the track while your committed to a double or triple is a bad combo.