Ronnie Mac VS Ricky Carmichael & Aus-X pre race Videos HD

in #motocross4 years ago

The time has come and as the saying goes...

"The Bull S#'t stops when the gate drops"


Not only do we have a full Supercross race lineup to look forward to but the Ronnie Mac VS Ricky Carmichael 2-Stroke 1 on 1 match up as well!

Man its gonna be sweet! Lets check out the pre race vid.

Pre-Race - 2017 AUS-X Open Sydney

Now before we even think about checking out the 'real' racing we can't wait any longer... So here it is! The Ronnie Mac VS Ricky Carmichael 1 on 1!!

Lets do this haha!

Ronnie Mac VS Ricky Carmichael - Monster Energy AUS-X Open Sydney

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Everything looked like a good movie. Great actor, played well. What happened to him? what did he think of himself?

nice to see them in pre-racing.

always good to see @sheikj27, faces behind the helmets :)


I knew that's not niceee,,feeling 🙇🙇,,,

Congrats! Nice video :)

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very nice motor cross i like this

Thank you @salahchiva :) you are not alone in that here :)

Very awesome motor cross video.
Upvote & Resteem

Great update news @b0y2k. Tks ur effort.

Happy to mate, just not had much time last few days :(

Nice both videos.Refer to see this article.