RIP (Ride in peace) Steven Lenoir 1992 – 2017, Tribute & donation.

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Motocross is a demanding and brutal sport at times, a sport that sometimes just seems to take and times like this brings it all to bear...

It is with sadness that i am reporting that on Monday 5th June 2017, 24MX Lucas Oil Honda rider Steven Lenoir passed away following a crash at Motocross de Cassel French International.

Steven was a very talented rider and much loved personality in the paddock, he will be missed by many. It seems only yesterday that the 2010 EMX250 champion arrived on the scene. Motocross has been blessed to have had a rider of his calibre amongst its champions. He achieved the very top of his class and his talent will be an inspiration to many.

I would like to donate all SBD from this post to the Lenoir family to help in this horrible time.

If you wish to make a donation yourself you can do so here

Thank you Steven, ride in peace mate...

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RIP, may he see a better place. Too many extreme sports nowadays, but hey, he died doing what he loves and that represents a great human being.

Live the life you love, love the life you live :)
I would not wish this on anyone but he went out doing the sport he loved.

damn thats bad news, RIP at least (for him) died while he was doing his life passion..

RIP.Sad news. I will donate Too what ever I make from this comment.Follow Me @whiteblood

Very generous of you @whiteblood, anything we can do will be appreciated.

I feel sorry for his family , god bless him.

Agreed, my mother was never calm with myself or my brothers on the track.

Rip🙁. Good luck with the donation...

Steemit can help, of this i am certain.


Darn... i knew the sport has risks, but these kind of risks.....

Never ever nice to see, at least he was living his dream and doing the things he loved.

Very sad news!

Great post, deserves a follow!

Nice one @liad242

Hi! b0y2k.
I restarted my blog for a while.
Please come to see if you do not mind.

Sad news
RIP steven

rest in peace brave brother..

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Rip ...... god bless him....


Being hit by a car while on my motor cycle I know scary this sport is. I broke my shoulder and it still hurts years later

I've pretty much done most bike accidents now... i know the feeling.

Its the stupid ones like us that keep getting back on

truth :D

Sad to know this. R.I.P.

Dang RIP man, Sucks to see someone so young and talented go like this =( God Bless

agreed :(

It's always so sad to lose anyone but when it's a fellow MX er it hit's home even more . God Speed,RIP

Too young for sure :(

This sport may be sometimes dangerous, but for people like him is their way of life, RIP:(

Well said @janop

nice post..I like this.

At least he followed his passion in life that's the best you can ask of anyone! Nice of you to put up this post for his family @b0y2k 😎

its the least i could do @carface! Wish i could do more but i know that is not what is hurting right now. Remember the good things, forget the bad.

RIP. It's really sad. Wish he can ride in the heaven.

Thank you vote ... I really hope the support vote on my post is laen ... thank you very much ...

All support counts @jondahl! Thank you :)

I am very happy if you support my post and I will always remember ... thank you very much