Red Bull Straight Rhythm hits the smokers!!

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This news will be sweet sweet candy to all lovers of old skool motocross :)

Red Bull straight rhythm is a unique race in itself where riders race across a straightened out supercross style track. Yes thats right! NO CORNERS!

Now it seems they are twisting an already unique concept and going all out with 2-Strokes. Man its gonna sound amazing haha old skool ring a ding engines at full chat flying down the straight track! :)

When i first saw the announcement that it would be hosted by Ken Roczen i did double take but unfortunately he will not be riding the event just hosting. I can completely agree with that decision though, he is recovering from a very serious crash which almost took his arm... No need to prove anything in this event although i hope he will be back in the saddle for next years event.

Here is a little taster of whats to come... ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!! :)

Red Bull Statement:

It’s official! The sounds and smells of the ‘90s are back with the Ken Roczen Two-Stroke Shootout at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. This eight-man bracketed competition will be exclusively for bikes with two-stroke engines and will be hosted by Ken Roczen, who unfortunately won’t race as he is recuperating from injury. The two-stroke competitors will race head-to-head on October 21 on a half-mile rhythm track with no turns at Fairplex in Pomona, CA. In addition to this popular “two-smokers” class, the event will once again contain a Lites Class (250cc and below) and an Open Class (greater than 250cc).

Red Bull Straight Rhythm - Ken Roczen Two-Stroke Shootout

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Great post and video

Thank you @patasieduagh :)

great post and great video in motocross.
thanks for sharing .

Nice one @robert31 :)

That is a marvellous video in aRed Bull Straight Rhythm. I really like to attend and then ride motor cross racing games. I liked very much to this after see your videos very nearly...

Nice one @madushanka :) glad you liked it

i have just informes by you that 2 stroke is back with red bull rhythm, its will be fantastic to see on off road racing, thanks for sharing.

it is indeed @sheikh27! Bring it on :)

That is a very good video
I like the race track it looks hard to deal with
Thanks for sharing
Keep it up

Nice one @greatvideos :) will do


Great post. thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

Nice one @stmit :)

Thanks for this post of motocross .

Always a pleasure @goldcoin :)

Great post.

Wow....another amazing post by @b0y2k
Wel done and perfect work...

Thank you @dinsanda :)

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nice one @screename :)

Nice one @b0y2k ;)

nice one @blazing :)

Two strokes. YEAH! No corners....... interesting? Great vid. I gotta' check this out.

It's amazing to watch, all about finding the best 'rhythm' through the course. :)

Nice post and video