Monster Energy Supercross Round 5 oakland - Full Video HD

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Morning Steemers, it's a lovely sunny morning here and what better way to blow off the nights cobwebs that a lovely fresh serving of Monster Energy Supercross!

Can Tomac make it three in a row? Can Musiquin get his season back on track? Will Roczen get his first win since his return? Who will walk away with the 250 SX red plate this week?

Lots of questions and @b0y2k has the answers.

Drop the gate!

Round 4 Glendale - 250 SX Heat 1

CLick here to watch

Round 4 Glendale - 250 SX Heat 2

CLick here to watch

Round 4 Glendale - 450 SX Heat 1

CLick here to watch

Round 4 Glendale - 450 SX Heat 2

CLick here to watch

Round 4 Glendale - 250 SX LCQ

CLick here to watch

Round 4 Glendale - 450 LCQ

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Round 4 Glendale - 250 SX Main Event

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Round 4 Glendale - 250 SX Main Event

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This may be one of the best races ever! The most exciting race I've seen. For those who have never watched a motocross race... this would be one to check out.


I agree @mikeonfire, that was one epic race day! wow... still pumped over it haha.


I feel the same. I had to watch it twice to really see all the action.

Been away from Steemit for a few weeks but still keeping up with the SX - the last two weeks as an ET3 fan I've been SUPER happy but sigh, he can't seem to shake some of the inconsistencies that have plagued his career.

However I don't honestly see anyone really showing much consistency this season yet but Anderson is showing real promise, especially after last week and the amazing performance today.

What are your thoughts so far ?? Pretty good season and love the bar-to-bar action that's starting to happen in the 450s. Also...Barcia?! What a turning point in his career this season has been.


Welcome back @phamished, I know what you mean mate I'm super busy at the moment but there is always time for Supercross :)

Anderson is doing well at the moment but he is riding past his limits... So much room for error in his riding style. Not just for him but also the riders around him...

This weekends race was amazing, so much action in all classes! It's the most competitive year i can remember in a long time.

Barcia is flying at the moment and so full of confidence, good to see the rider we used to know has come back. Just needs to keep it clean and he will do well.


Yep, every Saturday love spending a few hours kicking back to watch the SX.

I agree with your assessment on Anderson, when he was battling K-Roc this week he had some really close calls and JUST managed to keep it on two wheels. Definitely flies by the seat of his pants.

Yeah Barcia's attitude has done a complete 180, it's good to see because I didn't like bam bam before even though he provided some intrigue in the races with his aggressive style lol

I'm stoked that my fav 250 rider Plessinger is killing it. He is really fast esp at supercross. He's not making mistakes either. Way to go AP!

And that Anderson - Roczen finish!!! You could hear the crowd going nuts. Awesome.


You know it @the-ivor! We all said that if he can keep it on two wheels then he is a going to be a handful to deal with. McElrath was very unlucky getting burred in the first turn and Savatgy rode his ass off :)

The 450 finish... i was sitting on about 1cm of seat haha

Great stuff! :)

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