Max Nagl switches to Factory TM

in motocross •  last year


Firstly, TM Factory Racing are returning to the MXGP FIM Motocross World Championship next year!

This is a huge deal as TM are steeped in motocross history but have not been represented for years now. It's always good to see a brand coming to compete at the highest levels. It shows that motocross as a sport is doing something right and the word is spreading. Hopefully we will see some other fringe manufacturers coming out soon, like GasGas?


So TM Factory Racing, knowing they need to acquire someone very good, have managed to sign Max Nagl on a one year deal with an option to extend for another. This is great news for TM as Nagl, although he has had a rough time of it lately is 100% podium material.

Nagl finished 8th overall for the 2017 MXGP season and winning a moto at the Grand Prix of France was certainly the highlight of his year. Something was not working for him on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna though so it was no surprise that he was thinking to move on.

Unfortunately for the German he broke his scaphoid at the Motocross of Nations. The Injury is healing well though as he will be back on the bike training very soon.

Samuele Bernardini.jpg

TM Factory Racing have also signed Samuele Bernardini, a former EMX300 winner to complete in the MX2 250 class.

I wish them the best for 2017 and i hope things work out for them.

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Those are some great shots! Nice to have them involved and representing!


The guys can ride @stillwater :) will be interesting to see if they can put TM on the podium!

Wish them good luck @b0y2k


nice one @patasieduagh :)

I also wish them the best for 2017👍👍👍👍

Nice to watch action..


you know it @madushanka :)

Great update motorcross.


Nice one @kingsberry :)

good see them on action.


Will be interesting to see how they do, anything inside top 10 would be a major win.

Nice post.

Very very nice click 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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