Lucas Oil Pro Motocross - Round 11 Ironman - Can Chad Reed Podium?

in motocross •  4 months ago


So the old dog is trying some new tricks steemers! As i posted a few days ago Steemit | Busy Chad Reed will be lining up with the rest of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross regulars this weekend for the finale of the season. Don't forget this guy is a former AMA Motocross and Supercross Champion and although he is an older guy now he is still no joke behind the bars of a dirt bike.

So steemers, where do you think Reed will place? Do you think he can pull the shock result and end up on the box? :)

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The tricks shown in this photo are truly extraordinary

Older lol. The kids cant keep up. The Motocross hayday is gone and he was part of it. The Guys a champ. All the best are now 30 plus years old. They made their money and proved themselves. it just hurts more to ride. Lol

awesome pix i like it keep it up bro😎😎