Jake Weimer - Yet more 2-Stroke action :)

in motocross •  6 months ago

So it's been a slow weekend/ week start from me steemers and all i can say is sorry :) I have been at the track for a two day event and man what a scorcher it was!

just got home and have a ton of things to sort out so what better way to break the silence but to drop this awesome vid of Jake Weimer ripping a 2-Stroke to the max on a supercross track :) haha AWESOME!

ake Weimer Ripping a RM250 - Supercross style :)

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My very first time on a bike,
I whipped out in the most epic of ways,
it was so bad, that it would have pleased
the Gods of viral internet videos.
Thank goodness nobody got it on film.
If I tried to ride like Jake,
I am sure I would crash just as bad.

Good post

Great shoot and video!