Broc Tickle back riding!

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So everyone who has kept up to date with my blog and motocross knows that Broc Tickle is currently suspended from racing with the AMA over alleged doping and the case is ongoing. Redbull KTM canceled his contract and the future is unknown for the dedicated rider and ex 250 Champ.


The KTM TLD team though have kept the rider in check and loaned him a bike to make sure he is kept in shape and bike fresh. This is positive news in my view as no team with that many connections would stick with someone who was guilty of all the charges against them.


For now, at least, it's good to see him back on a bike and preparing for action at the TWMXRS West Coast Open Amp Finale.

TWMXRS West Coast Open Amp Finale - Track Preview - Broc Tickle

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