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The power of a mentor


The art of deal, the spirit of business. The reason why I act strange today I can say is due to some influence. There is this general saying that goes thus; drop of water forms the mighty ocean. You cannot paddle the boat of life without a mentor, it either a positive person or a negative one. They inspire you to do what you do and what you can't do, I call them the propeller.

As a kid growing up I use to have a lot of super heroes, I just wanted to be like every successful persons and visions around me, starting from my parent to the television celebrities and my super heroes in cartoons, I am an olivier twist of success, I just want it all to myself.

But I found myself in a book, thing got dicey for me growing up and it seems I am deviating from my road map and at times it seems I have no vision and mission at all. My society compels me to accept fate and just accept anything the world throws at me but you know what, I never let the talks hunt me down but instead I choose to be a rebel. I walk into the bookshop one sunny afternoon and a book caught my glips, I saw the title boldly "why we want you to be rich, two men one message" it was co authored by two men, Robert kiyosaki and the other was unknown to me then, Donald Trump.

In my society, we are meant to believe that riches is meant for the so called elites and the wealth of the nation should be at their mercy, the poor should not just try to contend with them, it quite appalling but that is the reality on ground, we are been taught to manage our situation and not to change it. I picked up the book and march down to the shop keeper to pay for the mysterious book.

When I got home, I flipped through the pages, I started from the preface down to the segmented chapters and it seems to me I am in a new world. Both authors shared their views on similar issues, Robert was more of a writer while Donald was giving his point with proves and his analysis swayed me. You know what, I immediately fell in love with Donald Trump.

Yeah, he is my mentor and I can say it loud to the world to hear. He said in one of book; I can only guide you to be rich because it is not everyone who has the talent and desire to be rich. I respect men who work their talks and have almost respect for those who has already completed and submitted their works even before talking about it. His principles on wealth accumulation and acquisition is 100 percent practicable. In another work "the art of deal" he said and I paraphrase; money is not all my obsession, I just see it as a means of keeping the score. When he spoke about gambling and other lottery stuffs he said and I paraphrase once again"I see nothing wrong in casinos and other stuffs because for the government to approve stocks which has been the biggest gamble in history", but he said something which really glued to my thinking he said;"I prefer owning those machines". He has been a really huge influence in my life, it a fact every human have their own negative sides but while selecting a life mentor you choose the positive light of such person.

I no longer see my self as a poor but a rich.
I no longer feel contended in mediocre but excellence.
I see solutions and not problems.
I am unemployable but a potent employer.
Hmmm, presidency of my country, let me still make it my hidden card.
Thanks for reading through, find a mentor. Find a life coach and see the light.

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