Change the life of 6 minutes in online !

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Turning points change the way of life, everyone comes to life, but many people can not understand it.
The biggest achievement of man is his experience. You may try to fail, but if you believe this failure will be success. Because, the effort is not to get anything in his fate, to gain experience and to learn something new is the Internet Ocean. In the online ocean of online publication, searching for what to do business. With a lot of dreams, I joined the Sarav based business speak Asia (speakasia) with 0% experience. For the sake of higher profits, I invested many money in addition to my own money, the result was 4/5 months after the company lost. In fact, 70% of the experiences we experienced were 100% disappointment, and (zero) 0% investment. What can be done now? How can it be? Since I do not have any money, I can not do any other business. But failure failed to ruin my self belief. At that time my frustrated work changed the life of a turning point. Advertisement to sell my old motorcycle for debt, popular Web Side Cell ( publishes cell bazaar dot com commercials at 1.00 pm, and call me on my phone for 1-6 minutes. The customer, Staying busy in any work, i asked the motorcycle customer to go to Banani if I wanted to see the motorcycle. In 60-90 minutes, the buyer came to Banani after seeing the motorcycle and bicuscised some money, and he returned the motorcycle after paying a total of 5 pm that day. Now I want to create thousands of new entrepreneurs like myself. Untitled.jpg

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